Teenagers and young adults surely remember a TV show from their childhood that has a gloomy twist according to a NEW TikTok fad.

As users on the social networking platform share their own reactions to the question: How did Dora the Explorer die, many are left surprised and perplexed.

The Dora TikTok craze consists of recordings of fans’ reactions when they search up how Dora the Explorer died before and after. As they read the possibilities concerning Dora’s final demise, their mouths gape while they sing along to the music.

On May 28, 2022, a member of TikTok submitted a video requesting that other users “film yourself before and after searching ‘how did Dora die?

Users are uploading their conclusions after investigating the circumstances behind Dora’s death as the TikTok craze continues. However, the explanations range from Dora having been struck by lightning to having drowned after Swiper pushed her into a river.

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Talia Lopes, one of the users who joined the trend, shared a video with her more than 500k followers. The video became viral, receiving over 3million views.

“Who Makes This Stuff Up?” Read Talia’s Caption


Over 8,000 comments were made in which users shared the solutions they discovered after researching the query. Disintegrated by a lightning bolt,” wrote one user.

Another person commented, “It says for me she got pushed into a river by Swiper and Boots pushed her into quick sand.”

Others were too terrified to conduct a search out of concern that it would “ruin” their childhoods.

Tiktok Trend Explains “How Did Dora the Explorer Die”

A few days ago, the phrase “How did Dora the Explorer die” began to gain traction on the site, and since then, people have been responding accordingly.

Users of TikTok are being invited to Google “How did Dora die” and respond to the same as part of the trend. Most often, it is blind people responding to the question. People are in awe of the answers since Dora was a part of so many people’s childhoods.

The fact that different people have responded differently to the same question is intriguing. For instance, one solution that is frequently discovered by people is that Dora had drowned and died as a result.

Another common explanation is that she was struck by lightning.

Dora, Did She Really Die?

No, Dora didn’t pass away on the show. In the end, Dora succeeds in getting there with the aid of her boots and backpack.

The two close the evening with their well-known song, “We did it,” and they thank the viewers for tuning in. Although the show had a pleasant finish, some websites have given the story a spooky conclusion.

These, however, are untrue. In the series, Dora does not die and has a happy ending by finally accomplishing her mission.

Does the Show Even Still Exist?

No, the program is over. People who want to see the past episodes can do so on Nikelodeon Jr, where they are still being rerun.

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Older episodes are also accessible for viewers to watch on YouTube at the same time. However, after the show’s final broadcast in 2019, no additional episodes have been released.

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