The year 2023 saw a surprising resurgence of the popular legal drama series “Suits,” capturing the attention of viewers and dominating streaming platforms. Now, the anticipation for the potential spinoff, “Suits: L.A.,” is reaching new heights as it gears up to become the must-watch series of 2024.

In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding the release date, plot, cast, and other exciting aspects of this upcoming addition to the Suits universe.

The Phenomenon of Suits’ Resurgence

“Suits” took the streaming world by storm in the summer of 2023, becoming the most-streamed program of the year with a staggering 57.7 billion minutes viewed across its 134-episode library.

suits la release date

The unexpected revival led to talks of a reboot and eventually paved the way for a spinoff set in the same universe but featuring fresh characters in a new location. The potential spinoff, “Suits: L.A.,” has been ordered to pilot, hinting at a promising future for the series.

What is Suits: L.A. About?

The spinoff introduces a brand-new character named Ted Black, a former federal prosecutor from New York. According to the official synopsis, Ted has reinvented himself in Los Angeles, representing powerful clients.

suits la release date

His law firm faces a crisis, forcing him to embrace a role he previously held in contempt. As the story unfolds, viewers can expect a mix of personal and professional dilemmas, with events from Ted’s past resurfacing, leading to a gripping narrative.

The charismatic force behind the spinoff is none other than Stephen Amell, known for his roles in “Arrow” and “Heels.” Amell portrays Ted Black, bringing to life a character described as a force of nature who prioritizes his needs above others. Ted partners with his old friend Stuart Lane, and together they build an L.A. law firm specializing in criminal and entertainment law.

The Potential Return of Original Suits Cast

While “Suits: L.A.” primarily revolves around a new ensemble, there’s a glimmer of hope for fans of the original series.

suits la release date

Patrick J. Adams, who played Mike Ross in “Suits,” expressed openness to reprising his role if the story aligns with the character’s journey. Although there are no official plans to incorporate original characters, the door remains open for potential reunions.

Where To Watch Suits L.A?

The spinoff received a pilot order from NBC on February 1, suggesting a strong possibility of a series pickup. If greenlit, “Suits: L.A.” will find its home on NBC, with streaming availability on Peacock, NBC’s corporate sibling. The combination of traditional television and streaming services ensures a wide audience reach.

Aaron Korsh Returns to Pen the Spinoff

The creative force behind the original series, Aaron Korsh, will take the helm once again as the writer of the “Suits: L.A.” pilot.

suits la release date

Having served as the showrunner for all nine seasons of “Suits,” Korsh’s involvement promises a seamless transition into this new chapter. He will be joined by executive producers David Bartis, Doug Liman, Gene Klein, and pilot director Victoria Mahoney.

Filming in Vancouver Despite the L.A. Setting

Despite the sunny Los Angeles setting, production for “Suits: L.A.” is scheduled to commence in late March in Vancouver, Canada. This choice of location is reminiscent of the original series, where Toronto doubled for New York City. The decision ensures continuity in the visual narrative of the Suits universe.

suits la release date

As fans eagerly await the release of “Suits: L.A.,” the spinoff promises a fresh take on legal drama with compelling characters, intricate plotlines, and the signature wit and charm that made “Suits” a fan favorite. The combination of a captivating storyline, an exceptional cast, and the return of key creative minds positions “Suits: L.A.” to make a significant mark in the television landscape of 2024. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new chapter in the Suits saga.

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