As far as popular perception goes, Valentine’s Day is either a day dedicated to passionate love between two people or a day where children compete to see who can consume the most candy. However, Valentine’s Day is also a fun occasion for parents and kids to work together on arts and crafts projects and make homemade decorations to share with loved ones.

Even if you don’t have a special someone to share Valentine’s Day with, you can still have a lot of fun being creative and trying new things by making your own Valentine’s Day cards, gifts, and treats. If you’re looking for alternatives to the sugary snacks and candies that are often associated with Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day art projects are a wonderful choice to think about.

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Avoiding the typical sugar low that follows an overly extravagant Christmas by devoting one’s attention to arts and crafts is a viable option. A fun day out for the whole family can be organized with just a little bit of planning and the correct equipment.

Here Are Some of the best Valentine’s Day craft ideas, ranging from easy activities for toddlers to more complex ones that parents and older children can do together. We’re all heart eyes for these Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. Not only do they yield pretty results, but there’s also something here for every age.

1. Valentine’s Mailbox

Valentine's Mailbox

This creative valentine’s mailbox from In the Bag Kids’ Crafts is cute, easy, and budget-friendly. ‘Nuff said. 

2. Sugar Heart Painting

Sugar Heart Painting

Talk about cute! We love these pretty Valentine’s Day sugar paintings from Nanny Anita. And the best part? The paint is completely taste-safe for little ones who have a tendency to put everything in their mouth. (Not to mention, it’s one of the easiest Valentine’s Day crafts for kids out there! Win-win!)

3. Felt Flower Hearts

Felt Flower Hearts

What’s better — and fancier — than heart cut-outs made out of cute paper? Heart cut-outs made out of cute paper with sweet felt flowers and messages attached a la Handcrafted Brunette. Love!

4. Valentine’s Day Bags

Valentine’s Day Bags craft

Want a Valentine’s Day craft for preschoolers that’s fun and functional? These Valentine’s Day bags from First Grade Fan Club tick all the boxes.

5. Love Bugs

love bugs

Looking for Valentine’s Day crafts for kids that are still little? Look no further. Since there’s nothing cuter than the feet of little ones, this sweet love bug craft from Craftabella is sure to be a hit.

6. Textured Yarn Heart

Textured Yarn Heart

A Valentine’s Day craft for older kids? Perhaps. These textured yarn hearts from Jordyn Hadwin are gorgeous (and can be made a little easier for little kids by simply wrapping a few pieces of yarn around a heart).

7. Penguin Love

Penguin Love

Let’s face it: Penguins are always a good idea. And they’re even more adorable when they’re adorned with hearts, bows, and smart top hats. These paper valentine penguins from Young School Art With Mr. G are surprisingly easy to make — and guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. 

8. Cute Cacti

Cute Cacti

Kids will get a kick out of these adorable cactus valentines from I Heart Crafty Things. And not only are they cute, but they’re also one of the best Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers since they’re mess-free — a plus in any parent’s book.

9. Valentine’s Dream Catchers

Valentine's Dream Catchers

Every kid loves making — and looking at — dream catchers, so why not try for a Valentine’s Day version? This sweet Valentine’s Day dream catcher (inspired by Mericherryla) will look pretty displayed on a window any time of year. 

10. Lovebirds

Valentine's Dream Catchers

Looking for Valentine’s Day crafts for kids on the older side? How about this positively adorable lovebird craft from Learn Craft Grow? Cute, customizable, and a perfect addition to any bedroom shelf. Squee!

11. Button Hearts

Valentine's Dream Catchers

Not only is this button heart Valentine’s Day craft from Daily Momtivity super cute, but it’s also a great way for little kids to hone their fine motor skills!

12. Smarties Flower Valentines

Smarties Flower Valentines

Not only do these Valentine’s Day flowers from Mer Mag look super pretty, but they’ve also got a sweet treat — Smarties! — in the middle. Clever.

13. Valentine Shoebox

Valentine Shoebox

Looking for an original idea for your kiddo’s school valentine card holder? We love this creative valentine’s shoebox idea from Olive and Eve Co. Though, we must say, this monster is definitely more sweet than scary!

14. 3 D Stacked Hearts

Valentine Shoebox

One of the quickest, cleanest, and cheapest valentine’s crafts for toddlers? The 3D stacked hearts from Scissor Tales. Simply cut out some hearts from cardboard and let them do their thing!

15. Valentine Dinos

Valentine Dinos

We can’t lie. We’re completely obsessed with these ridiculously cute Valentine’s Day dinosaurs from Sunny and Gold. Such a fun project!

16. Robot Valentine Holder

Robot Valentine Holder

Umm, how adorable is this robot valentine’s holder from Create With Grey? Whether your kiddo uses it to hold their valentines or just wants a Valentine’s Day robot (as one does), it’s a keeper.

17. Painted Lovebug Rocks

Painted Lovebug Rocks

Talk about cute — and creative! These painted lovebug rocks from Rock Painting 101 is an adorable and original crafts for Valentine’s Day. Who wouldn’t want one of these?

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