Did you know that Valentine’s Day existed? In the third century, he was a Catholic priest who secretly wed Roman soldiers. The tradition of remembering our loved ones with heartfelt words was originally established by the medieval poet Chaucer, who was the first to associate St. Valentine with passionate love.

We continue this tradition of showing love and affection to our romantic partners, family, and friends on February 14th every year. Sending Valentine’s Day presents, cards, and flowers are common Valentine’s Day custom. Since Valentine’s Day is the ideal day to exhibit devotion and commitment, marriage proposals often take place on that day. But it’s not simply a day for lovers. Valentine’s Day is a time for friends to express their affection for one another across various cultures and nations.

Valentine’s Day is marked by depictions of Cupid, hearts, and flowers with lace accents. The best approach to show someone you care about them is to speak from the heart, even if cards with these symbols frequently come with pre-written romantic or sentimental messages. For 45 suggestions on what to say in a Valentine’s Day card, see the list below.

Valentine’s Day Card Etiquette

valentine day cards

Valentine’s Day may bring back memories of school or over-the-top sentiments, but everyone enjoys receiving sweet or humorous messages. They are a fun way to convey your sincere concern for family and friends. However, once we sit down to write, it’s sometimes difficult for us to find the right words to fully convey our emotions.

Think about the recipient’s personality and how well you know them before unscapping your pen. For example, you wouldn’t use the same message for a significant partner as you would for a coworker. (Which might be embarrassing.) You’ll know whether to write a humorous, sentimental, or romantic message when you consider the recipient of your letter.

You should always write with sincerity, regardless of who you are writing to. The following wishes and words, however, can help get the pen flowing because we could all use a little inspiration.

Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

Fabric Scrap Valentines

valentine day cards

We can’t think of a better way to use fabric scraps than this punny valentine’s idea.

Monogram DIY Valentines

valentine day cards

This sophisticated, personalized valentine will earn a spot in your recipient’s keepsake box.

Pressed Flower Butterfly and Heart Valentines

valentine day cards

Of course, it would be lovely if you have pressed flowers saved from your spring and summer garden to craft these valentines—but if not, this blogger has your back with her trick for drying and pressing flowers fast.

Button Heart Photo Card

valentine day cards

Tell your partner how much you love them by transforming a plain note card into a heartwarming photo card embellished with sweet buttons.

To make: Cut out a heart shape from the front of a plain note card. Glue a photograph to the inside of the card, centering it in the opening. Glue buttons around the outline of the heart cutout.

‘Hugs & Squeezes’ Applesauce Pouch Valentines

A healthy snack and valentine in one, this idea is ideal for pre-schoolers, kindergarteners, or early grade schoolers—and super easy for you to pull together thanks to the printable cards bearing a cute and punny message.

Vegetable Watercolor Valentine’s Card

valentine day cards

Tell them you love them with a hand-painted card and a clever saying. Make a loose watercolor drawing of fruits or vegetables on the front of blank note cards and add punny sayings—such as “You are Rooted in My Heart,” “Olive You,” and “I Love You From My Head Tomatoes.”

Oil Pastel Heart Balloons Card

Perfect for both kids and adults, this oil pastel heart balloon card couldn’t be easier to make.

Stencil Hearts Valentine’s Day Card

valentine day cards

No one will believe you made this gorgeous stencil heart card with just an old toothbrush, paint, and a piece of junk mail.

3D Tissue Paper Heart Card

This stunning tissue paper heart card is something your recipient will want to keep for years to come.

Printable Truck Valentine

valentine day cards

Anyone who loves donuts, trucks, or puns (or all three!) will be delighted to receive this clever card.

Heart Confetti Card

Use a heart-shaped hole puncher to make your own confetti hearts to sprinkle on the front of these sweet cards.

Tulip in a Heart Pop-Up Card

valentine day cards

Enlist the help of your kids to make these beautiful pop-up cards that will make any recipient smile.

Printable ‘Bee My Valentine’ Cards

These instructions offer a couple of different bee-themed Valentine’s Day card ideas featuring small gifts such as a pencil with a bee-shaped eraser (pictured) or Burt’s Bees lip balm.

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