We all send Christmas cards to friends and family. However, if someone suffered a loss in the previous year, around the holiday season, or is suffering with the anniversary of a death, it can be difficult to know what to put in a card.

Before sending a holiday message to someone who has lost a loved one, consider Christmas card etiquette following a death in the family. However, if you’re not sure how to write a Christmas condolence greeting or what to say to someone who has lost a loved one, consider the example wishes and messages below.

What to Put in a Christmas Card After Someone Has Died

When writing a Christmas letter to a family that has lost a loved one, you should first express your sympathy. You could also wish to send them a message of hope and love throughout the Christmas season.

This approach to a Christmas card may be reassuring for families who are missing a loved one throughout the holiday season. The simple act of showing your love and concern may help provide some serenity over the Christmas season.

Christmas Sympathy Messages

Holiday Greetings for Someone Who Lost a Loved One
  • I pray God grants you and your family peace and that your Christmas can bring you cherished memories to remember.
  • Sending my best wishes to you and your whole family. Christmas is a time for love and togetherness and I hope that spirit can offer you some comfort when times are hard.
  • My most sincere sympathy for your tragic loss. May the love and support of those around you see you through the holidays.
  • I wish your Christmas to be one that can bring you hope and peace. All my love.
  • I understand how difficult it has been for you recently and I hope that with the love of friends did family you can have a Christmas that is still filled with joy and happiness. All my love.
  • My prayers and thoughts are with you as you go through such tough times. May the holiday season provide some respite and cheer from the pain.
  • Merry Christmas. After losing someone so special any holiday must be so tough. I hope you can have as nice a Christmas as possible and your grief isn’t too strong.
  • My deepest sympathy this Christmas. May you remember __ and all the love they brought.
  • Please know I can be there to talk if you feel lonely or need a friendly ear over the holidays. I understand how hard Christmas must be but you aren’t alone.
  • It’s with such sadness I send this card. May your Christmas still be filled with love and happiness.

Christmas Messages For Someone Who Is Mourning

Holiday Greetings for Someone Who Lost a Loved One
  • “We remember those we have lost at Christmas, but may the love and support of those around you bring light to this time.”
  • “Though it may be hard to celebrate this Christmas, may the love of your loved one give you strength.”
  • “The holidays are a bit different now that your loved one is gone, but may the spirit of Christmas bring you peace and solace.”
  • ”I’m sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family. I’m here if you need anything.”
  • “I hope this Christmas is one of remembering the good times and celebrating the life of your loved one.”
  • “May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace and hope for the future.”
  • “Thoughts of you and your loved one fill my heart with love. Christmas is a special time to remember those we miss so dearly.”
  • May you find fortitude, clarity, and inspiration from the love of your loved one during this Christmas season.
  • “Christmas can be tough for those who have lost someone special, but may the peace and joy of this season fill your heart and bring you comfort.”
  • ” Yours is a Christmas of remembrance, and may the memories of your loved one bring you peace.”

Christmas Card Messages for a Grieving Family

Holiday Greetings for Someone Who Lost a Loved One
  • Wishing you the comfort of good memories and the support of good friends this holiday season and always.
  • The holidays are a time for reflection on the year, and I know this has been a challenging one. Sending you wishes for peace.
  • Your family has many friends who are thinking of you during this holiday season.
  • May the promise of Christmas fill your hearts with comfort and peace.
  • Sending our love to your family. We wish you the comfort of the Christmas blessing of hope and faith.
  • Our love and thoughts are with you during the Christmas season and the promise of hope it brings.
  • Christmas marks the Holy birth of hope and the promise of life everlasting. God bless your family and grant you peace and comfort during this Christmas season.
  • This holiday, I’m thinking about what a gift it was to know __ and what joy she/he/they brought to the world. Sending you love and peace.
  • May this Christmas bring you comfort and love. We’re thinking of you.
  • Wishing you peace and comfort during this holiday season and always.
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