Windows 10 users frequently experience stream slowing issues when utilizing Discord. When utilizing the screen-sharing capability, these problems typically arise while playing games. Read this article to find the causes and recommended solutions for Discord lagging problems if you’ve encountered them.

How to Fix Windows-Based Discord Stream Lag

Make sure you have a reliable Internet connection and the most recent version of Discord installed before attempting to fix any Discord broadcast latency issues on your Windows PC. Try the following fixes if you’re still experiencing slowness.

1. Close Apps Not in Use

One of the simplest solutions for Windows Discord stream latency is to close open programs or browser windows. However, keep in mind that if you utilize different streaming apps, Discord may occasionally become confused and have problems as a result of them. To see whether everything returns to normal when using Discord for streaming, try shutting it.

2. Disable Quality of Service

Disabling the quality of service packet function of the app is another way to attempt to resolve Discord stream slowness.

To access Settings, click the gear icon located in the app’s bottom-left corner.

Under “Voice & Video” on the right, turn off the “Quality of Packet High Packet Priority” option.

3. Update Graphics Card Drivers

discord stream lagging

Updating graphics card drivers to the most recent version is a good idea because outdated drivers may be the cause of this issue.

Click the Windows icon, look up “Device Manager,” and click it.

Expand “Display Adapters,” select “Update Driver” with a right-click on your graphics card.

4. Use Windows Troubleshooter

If you’re also having lag in other apps and programs, a bad connection can be the cause of your Discord stream latency problems. Thankfully, Windows 10 and 11 come with a specialized troubleshooter that will assist you in locating and fixing any issues linked to connections.

  • Press Windows + I to open Settings on your computer.
  • Navigate to “System -> Troubleshooter -> Additional Troubleshooting Options.”
  • Additional Troubleshooters for Discord Stream Lag
  • Next to “Internet Connections” at the top, click the “Run” button.
  • Discord Stream Lag Fix: Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection
  • Select “Troubleshoot my Internet Connection” and wait for Windows to complete its check. If any recommendations are given, heed them.
  • Fix Internet Connection Issues with Discord Streaming
  • If you’re using Windows 10, open the application by typing “Find and fix network problems” into the Settings search box.
  • Once the pop-up has opened, click the next button and proceed as instructed on the screen.

5. Use a VPN

Your internet service provider (ISP) could limit the speed of your connection in order to maintain network balance and avoid congestion, which could lead to Discord stream lag problems. Nevertheless, you may securely get around these limitations by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or SurfShark.

Although VPN features and costs differ, there are several that are inexpensive or even free. It is crucial to select VPNs that offer top-notch services and a server that is close to your home.

6. Enable or Disable Video Codecs

discord stream lagging
  • If you’re having trouble with stream lag while using the Discord app, you may also try turning on or off video codecs within the program.
  • In Discord, click Settings.
  • Go to the menu on the left, find the “App Settings” area, and choose “Voice & Video.”
  • Enable “H.264 Hardware Acceleration” and “OpenH264 Video Codec,” the two Video Code choices, by swiping down on the right.
  • To implement the modifications, restart the Discord application after finishing this procedure.

7. Reset Voice Settings in Discord

  • Changes to the input and output device settings, the camera settings, or other voice and video settings may result in stream lag. For this reason, resetting these settings might be beneficial.
  • Open the Discord app and select Settings.
  • Choose “Voice & Video” from the sidebar on the left, then scroll down to the very bottom and select “Reset Voice Settings.”

8. Enable/Disable Hardware Acceleration

A lag in the Discord application could be caused by malfunctioning system resources when streaming. You can either turn on or off hardware acceleration to resolve this problem:

  • In the Discord app, select Settings.
  • Go to “Advanced -> App Settings.”
  • If it is not on, switch on “Hardware Acceleration”; if it is on, turn it off.
  • See if the streaming is still sluggish by checking Discord.

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