Discord has become one of the most widely used online gaming chat platforms. However, Discord regrettably has its share of issues, much like any other program or service. One is when the iPhone or Android app stops delivering notifications.

We are here to assist if Discord hasn’t been notifying you of critical messages and happenings. We’ve discussed a few solutions in this post that you can try to resolve the problem. So let’s investigate them.

1. Allow Your Device to Show Notifications

  • Let us first make sure that Discord isn’t not receiving notifications because of a setting on your machine.
  • You can disable distracting notifications with the use of Windows’ Focus Assist feature. Focus Assist may switch on automatically at certain hours even if you haven’t done so manually. Disabling Focus Assist on Windows is necessary to restore Discord alerts.
  • If you’re using a Mac device, the same applies. If you have Do Not Disturb enabled on your Mac, Discord alerts will not appear on your screen.
  • Verify that you have given Discord the required permissions to deliver notifications if you’re using the mobile app.

2. Update Discord

discord notifications not working
  • Like any other program, Discord requires a full update to receive the most recent bug fixes and function properly. Discord is configured to update automatically by default; nonetheless, there’s a possibility that the most recent update installation went awry.
  • Discord has ceased to display alerts since you are currently using an antiquated version of the app.
  • You can right-click the Discord icon in your system tray to update the app. Next, select “Check for Updates.”
  • Open Google Play on an Android device, then look for Discord. Finally, press the Update button. Open the App Store on an iOS device, then press the profile symbol in the upper-right corner to update Discord.
  • After that, find Discord in the list of installed programs and select the Update option.

3. Check Your Output Device and Volume

The output device you have selected may be preventing you from receiving Discord alerts, even if they may function flawlessly. Discord, for instance, may be using a Bluetooth speaker that is far away from you, which is why you aren’t able to hear them. It’s possible that the notification loudness is too low as well.

Let’s examine Discord’s output device to see how to resolve it. Choose Voice & Video after clicking the User Settings (cog) icon. Choose the device you wish to use by opening the Output Device drop-down menu. The output volume slider can be used to adjust the volume of the notifications.

4. Enable Desktop Notifications for Discord

  • Disabling all desktop alerts is a great way to maximize Discord and save time for work. This may be the cause of your missing Discord alerts even though it can increase productivity.
  • To access Notifications, click the Settings icon in the Discord app, located next to your user name. Turn on the Enable Desktop Notifications toggle there.
  • Turn on the Enable Taskbar Flashing function to ensure you don’t miss any notifications.

5. Change Your Discord Status to Online

discord notifications not working

As you may already be aware, Discord lets you utilize custom settings or manually set your status to predefined ones. Discord will not display any notifications if your status is set to Do Not Disturb.

When the app launches, select your profile symbol in the lower-left area to view your Discord status. Next, change your status to “Online.”

To ensure that nobody will disturb you while you work, you need to make sure that your status is set to Invisible. Discord will still work even when you appear to be offline.

Additionally, be careful not to choose the Do Not Disturb option from the Status field if you’ve created a custom status.

6. UnMute Users and Discord Servers

  • It’s likely that you’ve muted a server or user if Discord isn’t displaying any alerts from them. Unmuting them should resolve the issue in this instance.
  • Open Discord, select the server you want to unmute and go through the list. An unmute server can be selected by right-clicking the server from which you aren’t receiving notifications.
  • To unmute a user, follow the same procedure. Locate the user name in Direct Message, perform a right-click, and select Unmute user.

Use the instructions listed below to unmute a server on the Discord mobile app:

  • Open the Discord app, then pick the server.
  • The three-dot icon next to the server name can be tapped.
  • Select Unmute Server under Notifications.

7. Check the Notification Settings for Your Discord Server and Channel

discord notifications not working

You may want to check the notifications settings on the server if Discord has partially ceased displaying notifications for a given channel.

Open Discord, then navigate to the list of servers you have joined. Right-click the troublesome server there, then choose Notification Settings. Now, you can see the notifications Discord has chosen to display. Choose All Messages if you wish to get all of the server’s notifications.

To use Discord on a mobile device, launch the server and press the three dots. After that, click Notification Settings and choose All Messages for Server Notification Settings.

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