After using every other platform, are you considering returning to DramaCool? It’s possible! Since DramaCool is a service that lets users view and exchange films in real-time, it’s a good choice.

Those who enjoy watching Asian and Korean dramas began to take notice of DramaCool as soon as it launched. Check to see if DramaCool is safe to use before using it. Additionally, KeepStreams—the greatest downloader for offline content viewing—and a few substitutes will be shown to you.

DramaCool: What Is It?

Watching Asian dramas on DramaCool is among the most popular websites. You may watch your favorite show for free because of its enormous library of Asian films, TV series, and series. The interactive interface of the website makes it easy to explore and has an eye-catching appearance.

Mostly, you won’t be bothered by a ton of pop-ups, advertisements, or viruses. You may download DramaCool for your smartphone from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. The website is also available. With almost 50 million happy users, it is also among the quickest websites for Asian dramas.


The best place to find Asian material is DramaCool. Everything is available here, whether you’re searching for a TV series, film, or both. On the other hand, it offers a host of titles that are exclusive to certain regions or platforms, like Netflix, Hotstar, and others. They are unable to legally and publicly make it available on their platform without authorization. There’s no doubt about it—it’s not allowed or lawful.

The most dependable place for fans of Asian material to watch stuff with subtitles is DramaCool. Take caution if you choose the DramaCool website. Downloading pirated versions is prohibited by law and is also a felony in many places because the content is unauthorized.

Because operators of unlawful streaming websites are undoubtedly regarded offenders, even though consumers may not be, this issue becomes even more concerning. Therefore, use caution—DramaCool and related websites may be dangerous.

What Are the Pros of DramaCool?

DramaCool has several advantages and some disadvantages, just like any other platform or program. To find out if it works for you, let’s go over them.


  1. It contains a vast collection of everything Asian, including Korean drama, Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian television series.
  2. The website is free to use.
  3. It features an interactive and user-friendly interface.
  4. The content size of it is uniform.
  5. It lacks obtrusive advertisements and pop-ups, which increase the risk of malware.

It is prohibited, as you are aware, to have content on DramaCool. Utilizing it is unethical and morally incorrect. There’s no shortage of excellent substitutes. Selecting one will help you avoid legal issues. The top substitutes for DramaCool are listed below.



One of the greatest platforms with a large audience is Netflix. It has been adding more and more Asian dramas and films, while not being specifically focused on Asian or Korean material. While it isn’t free, there is a lengthy, feature-rich free trial period available. After 30 days of use, you can determine whether or not to subscribe.


Dramania is a free streaming service that offers a vast library of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and other programming, much like DramaCool. It belongs to the action, drama, romance, and other genres you would anticipate from these kinds of shows. Users can arrange content on Dramania based on several criteria such as genre, country, and subtitle language. Although it isn’t available on the Play Store, you can watch a lot of shows for free.



You can’t help but think about DramaCool substitutes when you consider DramaFever. All of the popular series’ episodes, both recent and vintage, are available here. With English subtitles on every video, viewers from all around the world can easily watch and comprehend Asian television. It may be necessary to purchase the premium version in order to avoid the numerous pop-ups.


Viu is yet another top substitute for DramaCool. But generally speaking, it serves the global audience for Asian dramas. The most watched and widely run television shows are listed below. Isn’t it strikingly similar to DramaCool? Absolutely! It is the greatest substitute because the Viu app is also accessible on the Play Store.



Alternatively, you might use Viki in place of DramaCool. Though it creates its own subtitles, Viki is the only app that owns other content. As a result, compressed subtitles are available here for people from all around the world. You will need to purchase a subscription if you want continuous service.

How to Download Videos from DramaCool or Alternate Sites?

You now know what DramaCool’s greatest substitute is. Either give them some thought or continue using DramaCool. Whatever option you decide on, you’ll need a video downloader to store the video so you can watch it offline. It is possible to choose KeepStreams Video Downloader.

When it comes to downloading high-quality content quickly, KeepStreams is the greatest downloader available. KeepStreams may be a dependable resource for downloading shows and videos.

Is there a virus on Dramacool?

While links and advertisements on websites such as Dramacool are often malware-injected, they are not entirely safe.

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