Internet browsers such as Google Chrome can be used to accomplish work-related activities or personal goals, depending on your profession or job. You may quickly and simply navigate between open tabs in Chrome by using the tab shortcut feature. If you use Chrome and work from a computer, mastering this shortcut could make your workday more effective and efficient.

We go over how to use the Chrome next tab shortcut in this post, along with the advantages of doing so and some other Chrome shortcut hints to make using this browser easier.

How to use the shortcut for the Chrome next tab

With the Chrome next tab shortcut, you can navigate between tabs in your web browser by pressing a combination of keyboard buttons. Since you can keep typing while completing the shortcut, it might be useful for rapid navigation. Using the Chrome next tab shortcut efficiently requires following these four steps:

1. Go to the next tab

chrome switch tabs shortcut

To navigate to the subsequent tab in your window, press the control (“Ctrl”) key and then the “Tab” key. On the far left side of the keyboard, in the same column, are both keys. To quickly switch tabs, tap this combination once. You can continually switch tabs by repeatedly pressing the keys “Ctrl” and “Tab”. To accomplish the same task, you may also keep tapping the “Tab” key while holding down the “Ctrl” key. Using the next tab shortcut will let you navigate through your tabs and locate the appropriate page.

2.  Switch to the prior tab

Press “Ctrl,” “Shift,” and then “Tab” to return to the previous tab. In the same column as the “Ctrl” and “Tab” buttons is the “Shift” key. Verify that you are pressing the keys in the proper sequence. By pressing “Tab” before “Ctrl,” you are utilizing the shortcut for the following tab. Much similar to the previous shortcut, you may constantly navigate to the previous tab by holding down “Ctrl” and “Shift” while tapping “Tab”. If, after switching tabs, you find that you require the information from the previous page, this shortcut is useful.

3. “Shift” to a specific tab

To get to a certain tab, simply hit “Ctrl” and the tab number. For instance, you can switch to the second tab immediately if you’re on the fourth tab and you need information from that tab. All you have to do is press “Ctrl” and the second key. You can switch to any of the first eight tabs with this shortcut. If you are certain of the tab you require and want to skip paging through each page, you may want to use this shortcut.

4.  Go to the last tab

To access your final tab, hit the “Ctrl” key and then the nine key. This shortcut can get you to the window’s final page no matter how many tabs are open. Additionally, it makes no difference which window tab you are on. If you are certain you require data from the previous tab, then this shortcut comes in handy. You can also avoid going through each tab before you get to the last one if you have multiple tabs open.

The Chrome shortcuts you should know

Here are some more keyboard shortcut ideas for you to try:

Open a closed tab

chrome switch tabs shortcut

Use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl,” “Shift,” and then the letter “T” to execute this command. You can use this shortcut to open a tab that you were using and unintentionally closed. To reopen up to ten closed tabs, hold down the “Ctrl” and “Shift” keys while pressing the T button repeatedly. For this shortcut to function, you must have recently closed the last ten tabs.

By holding down the “Ctrl” tab and clicking with your mouse, you can open linked URLs. This can cut down on the amount of time you need to manually copy and paste the URL into a new tab. In order to use this shortcut, the URL must be connected.

Close tabs

Pressing “Ctrl” and the letter “W” on your keyboard will instantly shut the tab you are now using. Using this shortcut cuts down on the amount of time you spend dragging the mouse to the tab and selecting the little escape button. Without taking your hands off the keyboard, you can utilize this to quickly close your tab.

Search for text

To search for words, numbers, or symbols on a page, press the keyboard shortcuts “Ctrl” and “F”. A finder shows in the window’s upper-right corner once you use this combination. Any term or phrase can be typed in, which can cut down on how long it takes to find. With the ability to navigate to the next time the phrase appears on the page by using the arrow buttons, this function also allows you to see how many times the searched word appears on the page.

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