Any smart TV can be used with a Google Chromecast to access Google TV. There are other TVs that already have Google TV installed. Remote controls, like all other devices, occasionally have problems, therefore today I’ll show you how to fix a broken Google TV remote.

1. Restart TV

It works well for resolving typical Chromecast and Google TV issues. Turning off Google TV entirely and turning it back on is possible. After your TV has restarted, see if the remote control is still functional.

2. Check Remote Batteries

google tv remote not working

Most Google TV remotes are battery-operated, in contrast to Samsung TV. You can have trouble utilizing the remote with a TV if the batteries are dead or malfunctioning.

Your TV remote should have both batteries removed. Then, wait five minutes.

Press the Home button while re-inserting them. Put new batteries in the remote LED if it doesn’t flash twice.

3. Check HDMI Mode

There are many HDMI slots on the majority of Google TVs. Your TV can be connected to an Apple TV, an Xbox, a PlayStation, a home theater system, and more. Nevertheless, in order to operate the Google TV remote, you must be in the proper mode.

For instance, you are unable to utilize the Chromecast remote control if your TV is configured to HDMI 3 or HDMI 4 and your Chromecast is attached to an HDMI 1 connection. To switch the HDMI mode, use the TV remote.

4. Use Remote From Phone

Still, having trouble with the Google TV remote control? A new remote can be ordered from the company at any time, albeit it might take a few days for it to get to you. You can use your Android phone as a Google TV remote control till then. This is the configuration process.

  • Get the Google TV application from the Play Store.
  • Open the app, then confirm that your TV and phone are linked to the same WiFi network.
  • It will automatically identify your Google TV on the same network when you tap TV close by.
  • Once the pairing code appears on your TV, input it with the appropriate permission.
  • On your phone, your virtual remote is now operational.
  • The quick toggles also provide you with access to the same.
  • The quick toggles menu can be expanded by swiping down from the home screen once more. Toggle the edit icon on.
google tv remote not working
  • Drag and drop the top-level Google TV toggle. To save changes, use the back icon.
  • With only a tap on your phone, you can immediately access your virtual Google TV control.

5.  Pair Your Remote Again

The Google TV remote control and TV are linked over Bluetooth. You can attempt to re-pair the remote after losing the connection.

  • To access Google TV Settings, use the virtual remote app on your Android phone.
  • Navigate to Remotes & Accessory.
  • Click Forget after selecting your TV remote.
  • From the same menu, select Pair accessory while keeping your remote control close to the TV.
  • Use the remote without any problems after your Google TV has established a connection.

6. Remove Other Devices From the TV

The wireless connection with the TV remote may be affected if you have multiple Bluetooth devices attached to the TV. Restart your Google TV after removing any other devices.

The procedures listed above can be used to unplug these devices from your TV. Alternatively, you may just off Bluetooth from your gaming controller or TWS.

7. Update the Google TV Remote

google tv remote not working

The Chromecast control is covered by this one. To resolve the connection problem, upgrade it to the most recent version. This is what has to be done.

  1. In Google TV settings, select Remotes & Accessories (follow the instructions above).
  2. Make your Chromecast remote selection.

Update the remote using the following option if a newer build is available.

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