Taking full-screen screenshots on a Chromebook requires using the Ctrl + Show Windows key; taking partial screenshots requires pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Show Windows key. However, what happens if you want to take screenshots without using a keyboard or if the Show Windows key stops working? If so, you can take screenshots on a Chromebook without using the Windows key by using other techniques. Let us examine them.

How to Take Screenshots on Chrome OS Without Windows Key

1. Using Quick Settings

There is a screenshot button in the Quick Settings of every Chromebook, regardless of manufacturer—HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, etc. It can be used as follows.

  • Press the time indicator located in the lower-right corner of the Chromebook shelf.
  • The menu for quick settings will show up. To make the menu larger, click the up arrow.
  • The screen capture button will be visible to you. On it, click.
how to screenshot on chromebook without windows key
  • The bottom of the screen will display the screenshot toolbar. To choose it, press the Screenshot button. Alternatively, if you would like to record the screen, press the Screen Recording button.
  • You can capture the following three kinds of screenshots when the Screenshot button is selected:

Screenshot of the entire page: Takes a picture of everything that is visible.

Screenshot in part: You can choose which region to photograph.

Window screenshot: Only the active window is captured.

From the toolbar, pick the preferred choice. On your Chromebook, the screenshot will be taken, copied to the clipboard, and then stored.

2.  Using Physical Buttons

You can snap screenshots on convertible, tablet-style, and 2-in-1 Chromebooks in the same way as you would on a smartphone. To capture a full-screen screenshot, press the Power and Volume down keys simultaneously. Please be aware that your keyboard’s volume keys and the Volume button are not the same. The Volume button on your Chromebook can be located on either the right or left side.

Moreover, taking a partial screenshot is not possible with this method. Later on, you’ll need to use a photo editor to crop and alter the screenshot.

3. Using Chrome

The built-in screenshot feature in Chrome is useful for taking screenshots of online pages. The inability to take screenshots using this method outside of the Chrome browser is a downside.

how to screenshot on chromebook without windows key

Use this approach by doing the following:

  1. Click the three dots at the top of Chrome to open it.
  2. Select More tools and then Take a screenshot.

A screenshot will be taken as the screen becomes darker. A notification will be sent to you. The screenshot is available for you to view on the clipboard.

4. Using Stylus

You can take screenshots without using a Windows key if your Chromebook has stylus capability.

In the taskbar, also known as the shelf, on the Chromebook, click the Pen icon. There will be a menu. To capture a snapshot of the entire page, click the Capture screen button; to capture only a portion of the page, choose Capture region.

5. Using Google Assistant

how to screenshot on chromebook without windows key

Additionally, you may instruct Google Assistant to snap a screenshot with your Chromebook. To begin with, say “Hey Google” to your Chromebook to activate Google Assistant. Say “Take a screenshot” after that. The screen will display the notification about the screenshot that was taken.

Google Assistant needs to be enabled on your device in order to access this feature. Navigate to Chromebook Settings > Search & Assistant > Google Assistant to accomplish this. Toggle it on by turning on the toggle next to Off. Also, check the box next to the Hey Google drop-down menu that says Always. It may be necessary to train your voice.

Note: You can only use the Hey Google feature while your Chromebook is charging.

Alternatively, when you enter the Chromebook search bar, you can click on the Assistant symbol to activate Google Assistant. Type or speak Grab a screen capture.

6. Using Chrome Extensions

In the event that the aforementioned techniques for taking a screenshot on a Chromebook without a Windows key are insufficient for your needs, Chrome extensions are another option. The Chrome web store is where you can get these.

For Chromebooks, a few simple-to-use free screenshot programs are:

Although these apps are meant to be used with the Chrome browser, you can use some of them to choose any open window and capture a screenshot of it. Additionally, you may take a scrolling screenshot with the majority of these extensions.

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