Who is Jonathon Davino?

Jonathan Davino is based out of Chicago, Illinois and his family owns the famous Italian restaurant, Pompei.

He is 37 years old which means there’s is a 13 year gap between the couple. He also owns a device technology and packaging company.

There’s not much other information about the Euphoria star’s fiancé on the Internet as he is a very private person.

Sydney said before in an interview that she doesnt date artists, actors, or anyone in the entertainment industry because it’s simpler and allows her to be the regular Syd.

When did they get engaged?

When they were seen attending a few events together in late 2018, the couple were first linked romantically to the public.

Before becoming engaged, the couple was said to have been dating for more than four years. For many years, they have kept their relationship a very close secret.

Sydney and Davino

On March 2nd, it was confirmed that the couple were engaged. Since then the press has photographed Sweeney out and about in Los Angeles with her new fiancé showing off her diamond engagement ring.


According to a Reddit thread, the couple apparently got married near their hometown. However both of them have not commented regarding this neither posted about it.

It is still unsure whether the two have gotten married quietly away from the public view. There are other users commenting on the thread that the two had previously broken up.

However these claims seem to be false as the two were spotted together at an after party event recently and not to mention that he is still listed as a producer in her recent developing film projects.

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