Euphoria’s critically praised second season has ended, but the good news is that a third season has been formally ordered.

Rue, played by Zendaya and a recovering teen drug addict, serves as the narrator of the popular HBO series. The stories of Rue’s classmates at East Highland High, including Maddy, Cassie, Kat, Lexi, Elliot, Nate, and her best friend-turned-girlfriend, Jules, are also followed throughout the series.

Season 3 will undoubtedly be even more dramatic if the drama of Season 2 is any indication of how crazy their community is.

Discover everything about season 3 of Euphoria up ahead, including trailers and new cast members.

When will season three of Euphoria be available?

First off, you should keep an eye out for updates on the release dates of the show on the various streaming services since Euphoria is available on Now and Sky Atlantic in the UK as well as HBO in the US.

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Second, it’s important to keep in mind that Covid-19 postponed the release of Euphoria season two. As a result, we anticipate that, if everything goes according to plan this year, season three may debut as early as 2023.

The second-most watched program on HBO since 2004 is Euphoria, which is followed by Game of Thrones.

Euphoria Season 3 HBO Premier Date

On average, 16.3 million viewers tuned in to watch the episodes of the second series of Euphoria as of February 28. As of that date, episode one had nearly 19 million viewers in the US.

Additionally, according to Variety, Euphoria has received 34 million tweets, making it the most tweeted-about show in the US this decade to date.

For her work in Euphoria, Zendaya won the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Emmy at the 2021 72nd Annual Emmy Awards.

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Whose return has been confirmed?

In a number of interviews and appearances on chat shows, Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, Eric Dane, and season two newcomer Dominic Fike (who plays Elliot) all confirmed they would be back for a third season.

It’s reasonable to assume the main cast will return, even though others haven’t stated it directly.

Euphoria Season 3 HBO Premier Date

Alexa Demie plays Maddy Perez, Barbie Ferreira plays Kat Hernandez, Nika King plays Leslie Bennett, Storm Reid plays Gia Bennett, Jacob Elordi plays Nate Jacobs, Hunter Schafer plays Jules Vaughn, Austin Abrams plays Ethan Daley, Angus Cloud plays Fezco, Maude Apatow plays Lexi Howard, and Colman Domingo plays Ali Muhammed.

Javon Walton’s character Ashtray appeared to be killed in season two after engaging in a dramatic shootout with police, but the actor hasn’t ruled out returning in the third.

Are there going to be any new characters?

We’ll probably see some new faces in the third season as well, seeing as how season 2 introduced a few new characters, including Faye and Elliot.

Keke Palmer stated that she is open to participating in the upcoming season in an interview with Where Is the Buzz on March 16, 2022. “Sure, I’d participate in a guest appearance.

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I’m prepared to ascend there and light things on fire. Move along! “When interviewer Tatyana Arrington enquired about her interest in a guest appearance, she responded.

The actress is undoubtedly familiar with the plotlines from the previous season; during their conversation, Tatyana cited a popular TikTok video in which Keke expressed how “fired up” the show makes her feel and her unwavering support for #TeamMaddy.

In addition, Keke has already collaborated with one Euphoria actor; in Jordan Peele’s upcoming thriller, Nope, she co-stars with Barbie Ferreira.

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Casting call information is currently unavailable, though.

What will the third season be about?

The show will probably pick up where it left off if it’s anything like the first two seasons and the special bridge episodes.

The upcoming season will probably develop these storylines or focus on characters who didn’t receive a lot of screen time in season 2, as the conclusion of season 2 for characters like Fez, Nate, and Cal was intense (looking at you, Gia, Lexi, Faye, Ethan, and Kat).

Euphoria Season 3 HBO Premier Date

Regarding Gia’s future, played by Storm Reid, the actress is hoping that season 3 will present her with a chance to find healing.

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According to the 18-year-old, “I think in season 1, it was a lot of Rue’s problems on the front line and her struggles being depicted.” In the second season of the show, Gia grew “tired” of her big sister, she continued.

Gia should be given more opportunities to express her personality and her feelings, Storm said before revealing how the role has affected her mental health. “I hope that we get some reconciliation with a lot of things,” she added.

“Once you call cut and say it’s a wrap for the day, I’m usually able to go home and be okay, but I spent a lot of time thinking about what we shot after the fact — I think it really bothered me,” the actor said.

“That’s your true raw emotion of what’s happening in the scene, and to see [Rue] kick down that door and scream at me and like we’re tussling, I was just like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t want to do this anymore,'” the actor said. Storm talked about how Rue’s season 2 intervention was filmed.

Season 3 may also focus on what happened to Laurie after Rue escaped her home and how Nate’s family dynamics will change as a result of Cal’s arrest because there are a few unresolved issues from the first two seasons of the show.

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