An in-depth analysis of “King of the Narrow Sea” without any spoilers, including information on the brothers Targaryen, a list of potential royal hand contenders, and details on tea, swords, suitors, and polygamy.

The traditions of House Targaryen were fully on the show even if there wasn’t a lot of dragon action in this episode of House of the Dragon. In King’s Landing, the tension is increasing. Let’s look at the king and his brother’s connection, one of the most nuanced and significant in the drama.

Deep Dive of the Week: The Royal Brothers

This week, Viserys and Daemon’s tumultuous relationship went through a spin cycle, starting with their reconciliation and concluding with the king placing his blade to his brother’s throat and banishing him from King’s Landing, perhaps permanently. Will their differences last forever? Or will they eventually get back together once more?

Examining Viserys and Daemon’s past is required in order to answer such questions.

In this episode, after Daemon submits to Viserys and abdicates his throne, the two have a lengthy conversation in the gardens about their mother. I won’t bring up this argument again—you were always my mother’s favourite, Viserys declares. Our mother had little regard for tradition, custom, or laws. Sadly, I was not a terrific warrior.

Viserys looks to his brother and chuckles when Alicent proposes that Daemon visit the gallery and take in the Red Keep’s newest tapestry. The King exclaims, “He’d have no interest in such things.”

In this brief scenario, Viserys(Paddy Considine) and Daemon’s interactions with their mother and with one another are discussed. Alyssa Targaryen is said to as a bit of a tomgirl in Fire & Blood. She shunned the companionship of other girls, preferred horseback riding and rock climbing to sew, reading, and singing, and refused to eat porridge, according to the text. She also wore boy’s attire when she could.

house of the dragon episode 4

Knowing what we do about Viserys and Daemon, it’s simple to understand why their mother had a stronger bond with him during the brief time she spent with her sons. Alyssa passed away young, following a challenging delivery. According to canon, Viserys was 7 and Daemon was 3 when their mother went away, however, it appears like the programme is fiddling with the timeline and making the two a little older.

House Of the d

Their father also passed away too soon. Prince Baelon passed away from a burst tummy when Viserys was 24 and his brother was 21 as he explained last week. When Viserys was chosen as the heir to the throne at the Great Council in 101 AC, Jaehaerys’s succession dilemma was brought on by that death.

These demises aid in explaining how Viserys and Daemon, despite their evident contrasts, may occasionally form such a strong bond. Early in the king’s reign, Daemon even served as Viserys’s master of laws and master of a coin before taking over the City Watch. Viserys vigorously argues in favour of his brother when Otto considers banishing Daemon in the first episode.

But if you skip ahead to the end of Sunday’s episode, Viserys is yelling at Daemon about the accusations against him and Rhaenyra while questioning his brother about what happened the night before.

Viserys appears to believe that Daemon and Rhaenyra had s*x, but Daemon makes no attempt to defend himself. (Otto’s hesitation to explain to Viserys what Daemon and Rhaenyra accomplished appears to have been done intentionally to give the king this impression.)

house of the dragon episode 4

By saying, “Better her first experience be with me than some whore,” Daemon really plays right into it. It could simply be that he lacks the self-awareness to admit what happened, or that he is content with his reputation and doesn’t see the value in changing it.

Observing how Daemon responds to this charge makes me think of a moment from Episode 1, in which Otto presents a different account of Daemon’s offences. Otto describes to Viserys in that episode how Daemon made Baelor, the king’s deceased son, “the heir for a day” by hiring out a pleasure palace on the Street of Silk. According to all reports, the evening was a celebration, says Otto.

But if you take a closer look at that incident, it becomes apparent that Otto’s account may not be totally accurate. There is no question that Daemon rented out a pleasure house, yet the first time we see him there, he doesn’t appear to be happy. As menacing music plays, he is alone and seated off to the side, absorbed in a cup of wine.

He most obviously isn’t happy. The atmosphere doesn’t shift till his paramour Mysaria shows up; she smiles and takes him by the arm. She announces, “The king’s single heir once more.” In return, Daemon grinned, but he didn’t appear overjoyed. The toast is then started by Mysaria. “Can we raise a glass to our future?”

“King and council have long lamented my position as next in line for the throne,” Daemon says to appease the mob. But try as they might to dream and pray, it seems that I’m not too easily replaced.

The gods are both givers and takers. To the son of the king, However, we never hear Daemon really state, “the heir for a day.” Was it really a party? Even if it was, did everyone around Daemon celebrate, or just him?

Viserys confronts Daemon, who gives a pathetic response when she says that “we must all mourn in our own manner” and doesn’t refute Otto’s account. Perhaps there is some truth to that, though.

Similar ambiguity is there in another scene from Episode 1 as well. Daemon is spotted off in the shadows, listening in while Otto and Grand Maester Mellos suggest that Daemon is a threat as the heir to the kingdom and that he might even kill Viserys to capture the throne.

house of the dragon episode 4

When Viserys says that his brother lacks the patience necessary for the throne, he smirks. However, Daemon’s reply may just as readily indicate that he is aware that Viserys is the only one in the room who truly understands him. The scenario seems to suggest that Daemon does desire to be king.

Additionally, a sequence in Episode 2 makes clear how Daemon feels about his brother. Daemon ignores Corlys’s complaints over Viserys’ actions against the Triarchy. Daemon declares, “I shall talk about my brother anyway I like. You won’t, I say.

Although Viserys and Daemon are in love, they don’t respect one another. Viserys appears helpless and pitiful to Daemon. Viserys view Daemon as impulsive and disorganised. Viserys appears to be convinced at this time that Daemon is vying for the throne or, at the absolute least, is attempting to depose him. But as Daemon noted in Episode 1, the dragon’s blood is thick.

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