As it enters its fourth episode, House Of The Dragon is still doing strong despite the debut of Amazon’s competing fantasy series The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power. No matter what genre your series may be in, it just goes to show that there is always a large audience for it.

Last week’s episode finished with a breathtaking fight scene when we finally got to see a dragon unleash its full strength after some political maneuvering during a hunting party. In episode four, “King Of The Narrow Sea,” it appears that politics will once again be a focus, but Prince Daemon’s return to the court is sure to cause conflict.

Especially given that his brother’s grip on his authority appears to be eroding. As we wait to see where all of this Targaryen squabbling ends, this is what we are wondering.

1. How Big of A Time Jump Are We in For This Time?

house of the dragon why rhaenyra recast explained emily darcy

The interval between the first and second episodes was six months. Then we advanced by three more years. Now it appears that time is moving quickly once more. The king’s son is mentioned as being three years old in the “King Of The Narrow Sea” teaser. So it appears that this time, we will be traveling at least a year into the future.

The child Alicent was carrying is now a young child. It appears that she has accomplished her one task—ensuring the continuation of the Targaryen royal dynasty. We might not get to see Emily Carey and Milly Alcock again after this episode. Therefore, let’s enjoy them now while we can before their more senior counterparts take over.

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2. Is the Kingdom and Its Council Turning Against King Viserys?

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When Viserys first assumed authority, he had a difficult act to follow. For many years, his great-grandfather, King Jaehaerys the Conciliator, ruled over a tranquil and flourishing country.

King Viserys passed away leaving behind more than just the crown; he also left behind the respect of the populace. He entertained everyone by throwing balls, sporting events, and hunting parties. But despite all the celebration, his rule may not have as firm a foundation as it first looks.

Viserys has a wonderful heart, but as we’ve seen in the episodes so far, he’s not cut out for politics. He is treacherous, willing to please, and susceptible to manipulation. Like his brother Daemon, he struggles with making difficult decisions and frequently chooses to ignore issues rather than face them head-on.

A soft king can only hold out for so long until his flaws are exposed and people start taking advantage of him. which has already occurred. How much longer can he maintain order among his council? or his sibling? or his child? Without their esteem, how can he manage a kingdom?

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3. Did Viserys Break His Commitment to Keeping Rhaenyra as The Successor Alive?

rhaenyra is empress matilda copy

Viserys (Paddy Considine) promised Rhaenyra at the conclusion of the previous episode, “Second Of His Name,” that he would not take her place of her. Can he actually keep his word? The king is already under pressure from a number of directions to retract his claim and name his young son Aegon the heir in its place, and as was already indicated, he is not impervious to deception.

It is unknown if Alicent or Otto came up with the name Aegon for the child, but it was a bold choice because it evoked the greatest Targaryen ruler, Aegon the Conqueror. It’s reasonable to assume that not everyone is as opposed to the concept of bowing down to Queen Rhaenyra in the near future as the Hightowers are.

Are the villagers prepared for a female monarch? Will the monarch support his daughter or give in to tradition? Before the throne itself dismembers him, will he even have a choice?

4. Who Will Rhaenyra Marry?

Rhaenyra Targaryen, Princess of Dragonstone, is the most capable and powerful maiden in the entire realm. During the hunting party, Jason Lannister fired his shot, and there will be more where it came from.

rhaenyra laenor

Viserys has allowed his daughter to make her own decision, but she doesn’t seem to be in the mood to do so. Most likely due to the fact that it requires entertaining proposals from every noble family with an unmarried son from the Dorne shore to the Wall. But it wouldn’t hurt to seek closer to home, as Lyonel Strong advised the king.

Ser Criston Cole seems to be the only man who has Rhaenyra’s attention, therefore no, not him. Due to his oath of allegiance to the Kingsguard, he cannot get married. Perhaps this explains why she finds him so alluring.

Ser Laenor Velaryon, who was last seen destroying the Crabfeeder’s men on a dragon back at the conclusion of the previous episode, is actually Lord Strong’s front-runner. He has Targaryen blood, is attractive, appropriate in age, and affluent. Additionally, getting married to him would make the Sea Snake, the father of Lenor, feel better about the king’s decision to wed Alicent Hightower rather than his daughter Laena.

Lenor may be Rhaenyra’s second cousin, but at least he is not her half-brother who is two years old. In relation to family members, there is another strong contender. Daemon is returning to court, jubilant after his victory. And he might already be planning a reward for his devotion to the throne.

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5. How Will Daemon Capitalize on His Victory in The Stepstones?

The title of the episode, “King Of The Narrow Sea,” clearly alludes to Daemon. Will the real king approve of this freshly acquired title? Will Daemon’s brother ever grant him what he desires?


Though it appears that he has given up on seeking the Iron Throne and has accepted Rhaenyra as his heir (more willingly than anyone else, in fact), he is still up to his old tricks. And he’s fairly skilled at it.

At least far better than his brother. Will he genuinely try to win Rhaenyra’s hand? If so, will he employ his inherent charm or opt for a sneakier tactic?

A significant argument between Viserys and Daemon(Matt Smith) around this period is mentioned in George R.R. Martin’s novel Fire and Blood, which is a narrative history based on numerous, unreliable points of view.

Although there are competing explanations for what happened, some place the blame on Daemon’s pursuit of Rhaenyra, whether with or without her agreement. One of House Of The Dragon’s most intriguing elements for book readers is resolving some of these historical discrepancies and learning what actually transpired. But until then, both readers and viewers are forced to conjecture.

6. What Does Daemon Lust For?

milly alcock matt smith 1

At the beginning of the episode, Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) returns to his brother and king, Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine), in a state of elation after defeating the Crabfeeder and being crowned King of the Narrow Sea. Daemon’s lust isn’t just for Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock), despite the episode focusing on their constant flirting and awkward banter.

Daemon wants only one thing, and that’s the Iron Throne!

It’s clear that the idea of having sexual relations with his niece is beneath even his poor standards. But what about the notion of power and everything that comes with it? That’s what Daemon secretly wants.

One of the most memorable sequences from Episode 4 is when King Viserys stands over a groggy Daemon in the Throne Room with a sword to his brother’s neck and says, “It’s not my daughter you hunger for.” This is my throne.

7. What Does Rhaenyra Lust For?

milly alcock fabien frankel 1

Simply put, she wants to be taken seriously, respected and feared. On the other hand, Rhaenyra probably longs for love, which she hasn’t had since her mother’s death, and the marriage of her best friend, Alicent Hightower (Emily Carey), to her father (drama!). The prospect of Rhaenyra’s losing her virginity to her uncle Daemon doesn’t bother her at all. It was perhaps her urgency or desire that put Daemon off the act.

Instead, her enthusiasm builds, and in one of the more tastefully handled sex scenes, she takes out her sexual goals on Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel), a member of her father’s Kingsguard.

Many people in the audience probably breathed a sigh of relief when they realized that Rhaenyra was having sexual relations with the swoon-worthy Ser Criston and not Uncle Daemon.

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