A unique kind of program, House of The Dragon can fight a pirate named the Crabfeeder, then switch gears to air an episode centered on finding a husband. Princess Rhaenyra’s monster in Episode 4 is dating; at her father’s request, she becomes the realm’s Bachelorette.

The princess is presiding over a large number of possible suitors who are all arguing their cases, but she is hesitant to hand away her first impression rose.

Rather than making great declarations of love, many of the males are just detailing the size of their kingdoms. Nothing ever alters.

What Happened in House Of the Dragon Episode 4?

As the episode opens, Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) is wary of potential suitors. She is visiting the Seven Kingdoms in search of a marriage, but the men she might fall in love with are more interested in impressing her than in wooing her.

The hunched, awkward suitors that come up to her, whether they be boys or men, only talk about how their ancestors helped the kingdom; they don’t want to fall in love; they want to be strong together, the real definition of a “power couple.”

However, Rhaenyra finds their scripted speeches and frail egos boring and decides to end this trip after one kid kills another out of pride.

Rhaenyra’s sexual awakening in The House of the Dragon episode 4 marked the beginning of her legal maturity and caused considerable debate inside the Red Keep. After that, Maester Mellos gives Rhaenyra a potion to treat any “consequences” of her contact with Viserys.

After being seduced and kissed by Daemon, Rhaenyra goes back to her quarters where she stealthily loses her virginity to Ser Criston Cole.

Before the conclusion of House of the Dragon episode 4, her father heard about the tale of her tryst with Daemon, and his response had severe repercussions on their bond.

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What does the Master Really Sends Rhaenyra in Episode 4 of “House of The Dragon”?

What Does the Master Really Send Rhaenyra in Episode 4 of "House Of The Dragon"

Rhaenyra vehemently refuted the allegations that she and Daemon shared a bed, but Daemon would not accept defeat and even went so far as to propose to Viserys. She is reprimanded by Viserys, who also tells her that if she wants to keep her inheritance after the two were spotted together in a brothel, she must marry Laenor Velaryon.

Master Mellos pays Rhaenyra a late-night visit and brings her an unusual elixir after determining that Rhaenyra has convinced her father of the truth. In House of the Dragon episode 4, the master actually delivers Rhaenyra moon tea, which is used in Westeros to avoid or end a pregnancy.

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What Does It Mean When The Maester Gives Rhaenyra Moon Tea?

What Does the Master Really Send Rhaenyra in Episode 4 of "House Of The Dragon"

Viserys gave Rhaenyra the moon tea despite her denial that she had sex with the married Daemon; this indicates that her father doesn’t have faith in her. Rhaenyra did lose her virginity that night, but it wasn’t to Daemon, who Viserys mistakenly believed she was with.

Thus, the conclusion of House of the Dragon episode 4 suggests that Viserys himself is more likely to believe stories about his daughter than to believe her own words and that he continues to believe what Daemon says despite the fact that he is lying.

Viserys was right to believe that he couldn’t rely on Otto’s judgment, but he also realized that he couldn’t rely on his own, and this is further damaging his connection with his daughter.

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