TikTok: Is it educational? Sure! However, the software also provides you with many justifications for avoiding parts of its content permanently.

Users are racking their brains over a recent fad termed the “umbrella thing,” which has left many users scarred, as if we hadn’t seen enough disturbing challenges already.

So, if you’re still wondering what it implies, let us explain. But we must caution you—it is unsettling.

‘Umbrella Thing’ Trend Takes Over Tiktok

Over the past few days, a specific video has received a lot of attention from TikTok viewers.

The video on TikTok depicts a female sitting and fanning herself with both hands, just like one might if they were experiencing summer heat.

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The popular video doesn’t provide any additional context. The app’s users, however, have taken it upon themselves to decipher what it means because the image is accompanied by the description “when he does the umbrella thing.”

Some claim that the entire fad is about taking an umbrella from someone, but others think it pertains to Tom Holland‘s dance to the hit song Umbrella by Rihanna.

Urban Dictionary claims it to be something quite else, though.

Users Find Its Meaning Disturbing

The following explanation contains unsettling and graphic sexual content, you have been forewarned.

By merely searching for “umbrella thing” on Google, you wouldn’t learn what it means. Only Urban Dictionary explains the concept behind the unsettling trend.

Users Are Terrified by The 'Umbrella Thing' Tiktok Trend!

It is a sexual act in which the entire forearm is inserted into the female privates. The term “kind of pleasure” is also used to describe it, yet worried, agitated, and perplexed TikTok viewers feel differently.

New Challenge Scars Tiktok Users

While those who are unfamiliar with the expression are coming up with their own amusing interpretations, some who checked it up on Urban Dictionary are now regretting their decision.

One person said: “I looked and found a little and wet umbrella, still bewildered but also disturbed.”

Another person said, “I’m not sure how to feel now that I looked this up. Another upset user wrote: “The umbrella thing, something I regret picking up on Urban Dictionary.”

Users Are Terrified by The 'Umbrella Thing' Tiktok Trend!

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One stunned TikTok user commented: “I’m flabbergasted from the definition on urban dictionary.”

Why did I use Urban Dictionary there? What’s up, girl? Real talk,” another person said.

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