On TikTok earlier this year, a terrifying video quickly became popular.

The video showed a woman that resembled a zombie and was screaming in the street while covered in blood. She had one shoe, tattered clothing, minimal hair, and was covered in blood.

Many people were worried about the woman and assumed she had been in a horrific accident, while others assumed it had to be a set for a movie.

Currently, folks on TikTok are connecting the video to the Marilyn Stanley case from 2015, although this is not the same individual.

Exactly Who is Marilyn Stanley?

TikTok's Viral ‘Zombie Woman’ Isn’t Marilyn Stanley:

Marylin Stanley, a 31-year-old lady from Union, Kentucky, is a citizen of the United States.

Zachary Gross, her ex-boyfriend, scalped her and almost killed her when she tried to break up with him because he was so domineering and abusive.

After their divorce, Stanley decided it would be a good idea to give Gross a chance to speak and mend fences. This led to the incident that occurred in 2015.

In order to have the talk, Marilyn was picked up by her ex-boyfriend and brought to his house, where she was attacked and had her hair scalped. She had her ribs broken by him.

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As his pitbull Capone bit a chunk of Marilyn’s ear off, it wasn’t just her ex-boyfriend who inflicted harm on her. Her ex-boyfriend then drove her to her mother’s house and dumped her off there.

She reportedly recalled putting her hair and flesh from her head in a plastic bag and carrying it as she knocked on her mother’s door. She had pointed to the bag while saying, “My hair is in this bag, mom.” Her mother took her right away to the emergency room.

Marilyn Stanley: Is She the “Zombie Woman”?

TikTok's Viral ‘Zombie Woman’ Isn’t Marilyn Stanley:

Marilyn Stanley, however, is not the viral zombie woman. In fact, given all that Marilyn has already lived through, it is regrettable that some have dubbed her the “zombie woman.”

Either a drug addict or an actor from a Seattle-based shoot, the woman we see in TikTok videos is.

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The Zombie Woman Video Continues to Be Unknown

The zombie woman video mystery is still open as of the time of writing.

The fact that the automobiles’ license plates are from Seattle has prompted some to speculate that the scene is from the upcoming Seattle-set American thriller film KIMI.

One individual posted on Twitter, “I was trying to figure out what it is, and a lot of people are pointing out it might be filming for a movie called KIMI given the car plate is a Washington plate and it’s being shot in Seattle.”

TikTok's Viral ‘Zombie Woman’ Isn’t Marilyn Stanley:

It was suggested that the scene was from the upcoming thriller KIMI, which is currently being filmed in Seattle and Los Angeles, by another commenter.

Others, however, asserted that the police had been called to assist her because she was a legitimate woman in need of assistance.

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