The legendary science fiction film Dune was released today to jubilant fans (October 22nd). They are now left to speculate about Timothée Chalamet’s height when images of him and Zendaya’s co-star emerged.

Fans questioned the star’s height on social media on Monday (October 18), when Timothée and Zendaya attended the Dune special screening in Leicester Square. When a cover of Entertainment Weekly was published showcasing an intriguing height disparity between the two, rumours also started to circulate.

Timothée Chalamet’s Height in Inches

Chalamet is a heartthrob who stands 5’10” tall, according to The Sun (1.78m). However, according to some sources, his height could range from 5’9″ to 6’1″.

Though Zendaya is wearing heels, the images from the Dune special screening reveal her to be the same height as Timothée. Fans were confused because Zendaya is also said to be 5’10”, so is Timothée really taller than the rumours indicate?

Timothée appears to be a little taller than his co-star Zendaya on this Entertainment Weekly cover, but fans are not so sure…

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Ask on Twitter Highness of Timothée Chalamet

It was stated one user: “I know Tom Holland upset that Timothée is the same height as Zendaya with heels on even slightly taller too.”

Another tweeted, “Oh my god, are you guys kidding me? People are outraged by the fact that Timothée wears large shoes while Zendaya is naturally tall.

The shoe Timothée wore in his photo shoot with Zendaya is what I need, a different person commented. He grew three inches taller because of those shoes.

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Are Timothée Chalamet and Anyone Currently Dating?

Is Timothée Chalamet Taller Than Zendaya? Rumors Exposed!

The Dune star currently seems to be single. However, Timothée and Lily-Rose Depp, Johnny Depp’s daughter, may have resumed their romance after they split in 2018. Lily-Rose and Timothée first connected while filming Netflix’s The King, and they were later seen kissing in New York at about the same time.

Following their sighting in New York in March 2021, rumours about the couple’s revived romance resurfaced. According to a report in Cosmopolitan, a store owner admitted that the actor had bought Lily-Rose a dress from her store, implying that the two may be dating but are keeping it a secret.

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