On social media, a conversation with the late engineer Bob Williams—not to be confused with the astronomer Robert Williams, who was awarded a NASA medal—has gone viral.

The interview was first published in the original video in 1981, but recently, portions from the interview have surfaced on Twitter, making the engineer’s story very popular very quickly.

Here is what Bob Williams had to say about buying crack before he passed away shortly after the interview.

Our Knowledge of Bob Williams

In the 1980s, Bob Williams, an educated engineer living in Harlem, worked in telecommunications and engineering.

In the 1980s, he had a respectable profession and a job that paid him an amazing $33,000 year, plus expenses and a car as part of the deal.

However, Bob only lasted a couple of weeks in that position since he repeatedly skipped work.

Bob was an engineer, but he shouldn’t be confused with Robert Williams, an astronomer who in 1999 was awarded the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal for his achievements.

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Interviewing crack surfaces

The 1981 interview between Bob and reporter Gil Noble from the television show Like It Is has recently become popular on social media.

The program formerly ran from 1968 until 2011 and focused on topics affecting the black community.

Late Engineer Bob Williams's Interview Explained! He Mentioned About Spending $50k On Crack!

The film with Bob focused on his addiction and how, when he was an engineer, he used to spend hundreds of dollars a day on crack. Bob said that after being hooked to crack, he spent more than $50,000 in the first nine months and once lost $1,600 in six hours.

Bob talked about using his savings to buy crack during the interview and described how he lost his job.

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He claimed, “My account was overdrawn all the time and it continued that way. “I’ve struggled to hold down a job, so I’m now self-employed.

“I recently held a position for which I was paid $33,000 per year, but it only lasted two weeks. On Tuesday, I made the error of stopping at the crackhouse on the way to work, therefore I was not at work. I reported for work on Monday.

I missed Wednesday, Bob continued. I came to the realization, “I’d best shape up or I won’t be here for very long.” I worked on Thursday and Friday. I didn’t return to work on Monday after a quick task I had to do until Wednesday. And my last day was Friday.

Gil Noble, the host of the program, disclosed towards the conclusion of the film that Bob Williams had passed away soon after the interview had aired.

The original interview first aired on September 12, 1981, however, it has since repeatedly emerged on social media.

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