Wood Sitting on Bed Viral Meme Explained!

Big Barry, commonly known as the Wood Sitting On Bed meme, reappeared in March 2022.

Since 2012, a graphic image of a naked man lounging on a bed has been circulating online as a meme.

In the x-rated picture, who is the man? Where did the meme first appear? Here is the narrative behind the popular meme:

Get to Know Wardy Joubert Iii

To begin, let’s go back to the beginning. The man in the picture is Wardy Joubert III, an American pastor and football coach who passed away from a heart attack in 2016 at the age of 45.

He was born in San Francisco, where he played baseball as a youngster and earned the moniker “Wood.” He later turned to football and became a semi-professional.

At the St. Paul Tabernacle Baptist Church in San Francisco, he later served as a coach and deacon.

Later in life, he paid to have sensual images of him made for the gay adult film website Pantheon Productions in order to make some additional money, which is how the viral meme originated.

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The memory of The Wood Sitting on The Bed

In 2010, Wood sat on a bed for a nude photo shoot, and the image was uploaded to the internet.

The picture received a lot of attention after an online user used photoshopping to enlarge his nether regions.

A viral internet meme was created when the modified image was posted on lesser social media platforms like 4chan and Reddit.

But it wasn’t until 2020 that it truly took off and became one of the most popular internet memes ever.

When the Covid-19 epidemic first emerged, a WhatsApp fad became viral that tricked users into clicking on a link that led to the nude image.

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Vice Converses with Wood’s Relations

Vice inquired about the online joke with Wood’s closest friends and family members in 2020. When she first saw the meme, his sister Ebony Joubert described it as follows:

“I was lying in bed when I received a message from a former coworker on Facebook. She asked, “Is this your brother?,” and I was indignant.

Following that, Wardy’s sister, stepmother, and pastor continued to describe his jovial, charitable, and pious personality. His friend Greg Hill added: “Those images weren’t really even who Wardy was.”

According to his family, he took the naked images to make some extra cash because he was having “financial trouble” and was in danger of “losing his residence.”

Before Greg added, his pastor stated, “Wardy is bigger than one shot. You can’t reduce him to this picture.”

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