Being able to view events as they actually took place is one cool aspect of producing a program based on a book of historical speculation.

The majority of fans are aware that House Of The Dragon is based on George R.R. Martin’s 2018 novel Fire And Blood. Although it claims to be a thorough history of the House Targaryen dynasty, it frequently lacks specifics and relies on other sources.

The showrunners have seized the chance to elaborate on those points for the forthcoming spinoff series.

Over the course of the series, we may expect some competing versions to be resolved because Martin will be there to provide the history as he sees it. In the fourth episode, “King Of The Narrow Sea,” we received precisely that.

Did House of The Dragon Recently Lend Support to A Long-Held Idea Among Book Readers

According to the novel, King Viserys and Prince Daemon reunited following the latter’s triumph in the Stepstones, as was depicted in the episode’s scene in the throne room. Where it becomes a bit murky is what followed.

The majority of fans are aware that House Of The Dragon is based on George R.R. Martin’s 2018 novel Fire And Blood.

The only thing we can be certain of is that they had a serious argument and Daemon was once more exiled from King’s Landing. What caused this major argument is the question.

Fans have long held the suspicion that Rhaenyra was involved. Because of the king’s strong protective nature toward his daughter, the news that his brother had taken her bloom (as they say) would undoubtedly result in exile.

Or maybe Daemon didn’t actually carry out the crime but merely instructed her in the arts of love so she might appease Ser Criston Cole, who was the true object of her desire.

Another opinion put up was that the offender was Alicent Hightower, who had advised her husband to remove his erratic and dangerous brother from the court for the good of everyone.

Now that we know the truth, Rhaenyra was taken to a pillow home by Daemon, but nothing was finalized. She wouldn’t have prevented him, though. But the harm has already been done.

Despite what happened and whatever Daemon’s motivations may have been, her reputation is in danger even though her maidenhood may still be preserved (at least for the time being). She then has an impulsive sexual encounter with Ser Criston, making it impossible for her to subsequently establish the veracity of Otto’s source.

That clears up one enigma. It’s been intriguing to observe how the show is able to navigate its way around the gaps in the book’s historical account, despite the showrunners’ alterations to the source material for the screen version. The closer the Dance gets, the more we hope to see (if you know, you know).

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