The world of anime is vast and, at times, bewildering. Many people are introduced to anime at an early age, while others are introduced later in life, but everyone who has seen anime has unquestionably become a fan. The same may be said about ‘In Another World With My Smartphone.’

The Japanese Anime series is written by Patora Fuyuhara, while the illustrations are done by Eiji Usatsuka. The user-generated novel publishing website Shsetsuka ni Nar handled the series’ publication until Hobby Japan bought it to publish the print edition.

Since February 2017, J-Club has been publishing the English series of the novel in six weekly installments. The television adaptation of this anime was produced by Production Reed and broadcast from July to September 2017. The airing was licensed by Crunchyroll.

The Anime has been well received by both fans and critics since its release. As a result, fans are expected to demand a second season as quickly as feasible.

Season 2 of ‘In Another World With My Smartphone has everything you need to know.

In Another World with My Smartphone Season 2 Release Date

Smartphone Anime Season 2

The official website for Patora Fuyuhara’s In Another World With My Smartphone (Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni) revealed on Friday that the anime will be renewed for a second season.

To mark the anniversary, light novel illustrator Eiji Usatsuka published an illustration while announcing the release date. Smartphone Anime Season 2 is expected as released on 21 October 2022.

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Who Are the Primary Characters of The Series?

Despite the fact that the series has many characters, we will focus on the main characters in ‘In Another World With My Smartphone,’ which may be found below.

Touya Mochizuki

Smartphone Anime Season 2

Touya is the series’ main character, and he is originally from Earth. He is a 15-year-old teen who is killed inadvertently by an act of God. God revives him on another Earth as an atonement, allowing him to take only one of his Earthly possessions with him.

Touya decided to take his smartphone into the other realm with him. Even if he can’t make calls, he can still use the internet and use magical energy to refresh the battery. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark, and Null, all seven qualities of magical energy, are bestowed upon him.

Throughout the series, he is mistakenly identified as being from Eashen, a country that resembles feudal Japan.

Elze Silhoueska

She is the pair’s older sister. Touya encounters her during his early travels when he rescued them from rogues in an alleyway. She is described as having long hair and a smaller chest than her sister.

Elze fights with charmed gauntlets, and she can only employ the non-attributed magic ‘Boost,’ which boosts her physical powers. She develops affection for Touya while traveling, but she keeps them hidden for the sake of her sister.

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Yae Kokonoe –

Smartphone Anime Season 2

She is the magic specialist and is described as the smartest and most clever of the Silhoueska twins. Linze is one of them, and she is said to be the gentlest of the group. Touya, on the other hand, considers her to be his most terrifying and ferocious companion. She develops feelings for Touya later in the series but refuses to accept them.

Yae Konoe was born into a Samurai family in the far east of Eashen. She leaves home to perfect her skills, and she meets Touya along the way, assisting her in fending off a gang of ruffians who were attacking her.

She then resolves to assist and join Touya on his adventure, but she finally returns to Eashen to save her family and village from a country-wide provincial conflict.

Sushie Urnea Ortlinde, Yumina Urnea Belfast, Leen, Lucia Leah Regulus, Hildegard Minas Lestia, and Sakura are the other subsidiary characters, in addition to the four main protagonists.

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What Is the Plot of ‘in Another World with My Smartphone?

Smartphone Anime Season 2

The story revolves around Touya, a 15-year-old kid who is mistakenly slain by a bolt of lightning made by God. God feels sorry after the boy’s death and grants him a second chance at life on another planet, where he is allowed the wish to carry one item of his choice.

Touya decided to bring his smartphone with him. Even though he is unable to make phone calls, he is able to access the internet, and his battery is magically recharged.

God not only restored Touya’s life but also bestowed upon him all seven magical skills.

Is There Any Trailer for The Show?

There is a trailer for the first season, but as of this writing, there is no trailer for the second season. However, keep an eye on this place since we’ll update it as soon as something is available.

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