The nominations for the 2022 Emmy Awards made July 12 an emotional day for Sydney Sweeney, the 24-year-old star of Euphoria.

The White Lotus and Euphoria, two of HBO’s most popular dramas, both garnered her nominations for her first two Emmy Awards.

Both The White Lotus and Sydney’s role as Cassie Howard in Euphoria were nominated for Outstanding Limited Series Emmys, while Sydney herself was nominated in the category of Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

In a video released by Netflix social media manager Jarett Wieselman, Sydney was overcome with emotion when she contacted her mother to congratulate her on the news.

Toward the beginning of the footage, Sydney Sweeney could be seen hunched over in the passenger seat of a car while she called her mother.

After her mother’s ecstatic “Congratulations” rang only once, Syndey replied, “Mom!” to her excitement. Her voice became louder and more hushed as she wiped tears from her eyes after taking the phone off the speaker.

White-sweater-clad Actress praised her mother during the phone call, which ended with an announcement that the actress had been receiving a lot of phone calls and would get back to her later.

Sydney Sweeney Cries After Earning First Emmy Nomination for Euphoria

Shortly after the nominees were announced, Sydney recorded a video and shared it on her Instagram page to express her sentiments. “Wow! What a day!” Many thanks to the @televisionacad for recognizing my work and nominating me for two Emmys!

“It’s an honor to know that both Olivia and Cassie have resonated with so many people,” she said in the caption.

It has been an honour and a privilege to work on these two shows, and I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has contributed.

Even more important to me is the fact that we persevered together, no matter what the circumstances. … Please accept my heartfelt gratitude!”

It’s an honour beyond words for me,” said the Sharp Objects actress to People magazine after her nominations were announced. “It’s a wonderful day!” exclaimed the child. Amidst her many responsibilities, she learned about her nominations because she had a busy day of work ahead of her.

For Madame Webb, she was “all over the place today going from fittings to rehearsals to table reads,” as she explained. As soon as I got into the room, my phone started beeping.”

Sydney Sweeney Cries After Earning First Emmy Nomination for Euphoria

I saw it and contacted my mum. After that, I phoned my squad, then my dad, and finally my brother to tell them what was going on. I was just… sitting in the car!”

This is how Sydney is able to bring such well-rounded characters to the screen: she creates complete backstories for them and then draws from them while writing her screenplays.

Because of their past experiences, she is able to “simply leap into who they are, and I know how they will react to things.”

Since I put in the time and effort to create them, I’ve been able to develop these characters into full-fledged personalities.

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