It was the day following Jessica Simpson’s 42nd journey around the sun that she wrote, “Oh Lil Mrs. 42, look at you leanin’ into the moonbeams to recharge and radiate a purposeful bright heart,” on her Instagram page.

“I Wanna Love You Forever” singer also tweeted an image of herself in a little black dress with a plunging neckline and a few stylish cutouts. Jessica’s birthday letter, on the other hand, praised her inner beauty rather than her external appearance. ‘

Over the past four decades, “I am quite proud of my faith, resilience, and strength,” she wrote. Since I have seen first-hand what it is to maintain DETERMINED PATIENCE, reaching 42 is a particularly joyful milestone for me.

I know who I am and how much I adore her. As a result, I can definitely state, ladies and gentlemen, that I am fully prepared to walk into any fantasy I may have. Being my own best friend is humbling and an honor.

She added a sprinkle of excitement and a couple of star emojis to the end of her message. Time to Rock ‘n’ Roll at 42, I say.

Jessica Simpson’s Instagram Story was also filled with images from her birthday celebration.

Jessica Simpson Turns 42 and Looks Gorgeous in A Little Black Dress, Saying It's "Very Exciting"

With her family and friends in tow, the singer and fashion designer came to the stage to pose for photos, including one in which she was seen blowing out the candles on her birthday cake.

A few more images of Jessica “leaning towards the moonbeams” were taken. Birdie Mae, 3, Ace Johnson, 9, and Maxwell, 10, wrote a heartfelt note to their mother via Blinkies Donuts in tribute. The green-frosted goodies read, “HBD MOM.”

His mother even had Ace dressed as a robot. On the front of his cardboard robot outfit, Ace wrote, “To Mom, From Ace. “The World’s Finest Mother. I’m in love with you.”

Boating on Lake Austin with her husband, Eric Johnson and their three children was a family affair for Jessica.

Jessica Simpson Turns 42 and Looks Gorgeous in A Little Black Dress, Saying It's "Very Exciting"

In her home state of Texas, she said, “our family had the best 4th of July week.” Jessica was photographed in LAX wearing a SKIMS Dress at the beginning of the month. She and her family were actually on their way to Texas.

When asked where they wanted to travel for their summer vacation, they said Texas, where they could visit their cousins. “It was a week full of emotion and reminiscence. Summer has arrived, and I’m feeling happy about it.”

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