The boy band Travis Band begins the sixth round of tryouts for America’s Got Talent. Five years ago, they formed a band with the goal of making it big. The seven-piece band performs a dance number to the tune of an original song about Hollywood.

Sofia Vergara gushed about how “very enjoyable” the show was. She adds, “It was like Vegas.”

In Simon Cowell’s estimation, they are both “amazing” and “quite amusing.” While he confesses that he didn’t enjoy the song, he admires the band’s enthusiasm.

It’s time to go on to the next round for the group. Getting closer to their goal!

Ben Waites Makes Sofia Vergara Cry

“Animal trainers” have been brought to AGT by Dino Don. “Extremely hazardous,” he declares the creatures to be.

A group of people dressed as raptors takes the stage, and the trainers sing along with them. According to Simon, this band is “by far the worst act we’ve ever had.”

Additionally, Shenay Kloss will be performing a performance with animals during AGT. After the judges, she names the roaches after them In an effort to avoid being seen, Sofia jumps out of her seat and hides behind Simon.

They hit their red buttons, and the audience is booing her. Simon agrees since he enjoys bugs.

AGT Recap: Wyn Starks Rises as Frontrunner After 'Extraordinary' Performance

Singer and vocal coach Ben Waites hails from Nashville, Tennessee. Ben has arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, which requires him to use a wheelchair.

The judges give him a standing ovation when he sings “True Colors” so well.

Sofia is inconsolable after the show. She lauds Ben for transforming the song into something unique.

I’m impressed with your abilities. Heidi exclaims, “It was absolutely stunning!”. It was a wonderful audition, Simon tells Ben. “This is a special moment in time.” Ben is on his way to the next stage!

The next artist to perform is Duo Rings, a duo that is also a couple. Their acrobatics are mesmerizing and seductive. “I was enthralled. Heidi gushes, “It was really tasteful.”

“It felt different from this kind of action we’ve seen previously,” Simon says of Duo Rings’ performance. Duo Rings is a favorite among the panel of judges.

As an act of tribute to Nolan Gibbons, who died of cancer at the age of 15, Acapop Kids sang “My Turn.”

According to his mother and father, he died of Sudden Unknown Death in Childhood. Acapop Kids’ performance is filled with heartfelt feelings. ‘

Sofia tells the group, “This is what you guys are intended to accomplish.” It was a “moment,” Simon tells us, and “simply fantastic” are the Acapop Kids.

A Contestant Gets a Second Chance

AGT Recap: Wyn Starks Rises as Frontrunner After 'Extraordinary' Performance

This duo of illusionists, Henry and Klauss, keeps both the judges and the audience on their toes throughout the competition.

Even when it looks like one of them is using the barrel as an escape, it turns out he wasn’t there at all. “Wow! That was amazing!” Sofia is in a rapturous mood.

Adam Winrich, a hysterical performer, approaches Sofia and invites her to join him on stage. When Adam whips Sofia about, Sofia is understandably apprehensive.

Despite Simon’s denial, Adam is allowed to proceed to the next round by Heidi and Sofia.

Sofia is overjoyed that Stefanny and Yeeremy, two Colombian dancers, will be joining her. When you’re hanging out with these two, there’s never a dull moment. They’re doing a fantastic job.

This is Heidi’s favorite dance duo this season, according to her. A simple “10” sums it up: “It was excellent.”

Alex Rivers, a violinist who auditioned the day before, has returned.

AGT Recap: Wyn Starks Rises as Frontrunner After 'Extraordinary' Performance

Alex was offered a second opportunity by Simon, despite his initial displeasure with the music choice. “New Rules” is one of Alex’s best renditions of the song to date.

In this second performance, Alex put “all” he had into it, according to Simon. Alex has progressed to the next level!

Wyn Starks Becomes a Frontrunner

The Balla Brothers’ balancing act stuns the judges and the audience. This duo’s act is really jaw-dropping, from standing up while balancing one brother on his back to balancing one brother on the other’s head.

“What are you doing?” “You’re crazy!” Heidi makes a bold proclamation. The judges are eager to see more of these guys in the future!

Wyn Starks is the night’s final performer. Who I Am” is an original song he wrote for his deceased twin brother. It’s impossible not to be blown away by his performance.

AGT Recap: Wyn Starks Rises as Frontrunner After 'Extraordinary' Performance

Tears streamed down her cheeks. Sofia expresses her admiration for Wyn’s music and her sympathy for his loss to him, saying that she has experienced the same kind of loss herself. Wyn’s song is described as “amazing” by Simon.

A “wonderful homage” to his brother, he says. As Simon continues, “I believe this might be a life-changing moment for you.” And with that, Wyn became the season 17 leader.

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