Actor Oh Young Soo, accused of indecent assault, is disputing the allegations.

Oh, Young Soo was indicted on accusations of indecent assault on November 25 by the Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office without placing him in custody. The “Squid Game” star is accused of touching an anonymous lady inappropriately in 2017, although he denies the charges.

Young Soo said, “I just held her hand to guide the way around the lake. I apologized because she said she wouldn’t make a fuss about it, but it doesn’t mean I admit to the charges.” 

The case was first reported to the authorities in December 2021; however, it was closed in April 2022 without any charges being brought. The allegations are being looked into after the alleged victim’s appeal.

Keep checking back for Oh Young Soo updates.

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