While using the restroom, Mila Kunis leaves the door open.

With her husband Ashton Kutcher, actress Mila Kunis is the mother of kids Wyatt, 7, and Dimitri, 5, and she recently opened up about their stringent family rule of having all of the doors open at home.

Kunis expressed their peculiar house rule as follows: “The restroom is included in this. It’s just one of those situations where, for better or worse, the kids’ embodied bodily functions are a pretty common norm for the family.”

Despite this, she acknowledges that she never gave it much thought until becoming a mother, according to femalefirst.co.uk.

“I’d never anticipated that I would be the person who was able to go to the bathroom with the door open,” she said.

The policy, according to Kunis, was created because they couldn’t use the restroom without waking up their kids.

She remembered: “I thought, “Oh, forget it.” Simply leave the door open.”

The actress revealed last year that she and her husband approach parenting as a “tag team.”

The Hollywood elite has devised a system that enables them to maintain a balance between their personal and professional life.

When asked how they handle the difficulty, Mila Kunis responded: “We team up! Never do we work simultaneously. And we only film on location when school is out for the summer; the rest of the time, we film at home.”

Kunis and Kutcher are now active in a variety of philanthropic and charitable endeavors. Even though their kids are still too young to really understand what they’re doing, they nevertheless make an effort to lead by example.

“I think that hopefully, we lead by example,” the actress remarked.

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