Mindy Kaling has embraced the holiday of Easter.

The 43-year-old founder of Never Have I Ever posted photos of her decorated Easter eggs to Instagram on Sunday.

Her son Spencer Avu, age 2, and her daughter Katherine “Kit” Swati, age 5, appeared to have helped with the project, as several of the eggs had adorable smudges and smears from their involvement.

There was an egg with scribbled doodle eyes, numerous others with stickers depicting humorous expressions, and one with a humorously broken shell.

The star of “The Office” was honored last month, and she was joined by her children in the festivities.

The actress, together with Bruce Springsteen, Gladys Knight, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Vera Wang, was honored with the National Medal of Arts by President Joe Biden at the White House.

Kaling posted images from the day and reflected on their meaning, including one of her daughters holding her hand as they climbed a set of steps. Kaling wore a lavender dress and matching heels, while the tiny daughter wore a tulle party dress and silver shoes.

Later, I posted a video and some more photos of the US Marines. Kaling displayed a nice moment with her two children, Katherine and Spencer, as they peered out a White House window to the tune of The Office theme song.

Kaling’s children are reportedly a private matter for her. When she does post pictures of her children, their faces are usually blurred out.

In August’s The Health Issue of Marie Claire, the Ocean’s 8 actresses discussed her experiences as a mother of two.

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Kaling has spoken publicly about wanting her children to be adults before she discusses their public profile.

“I’m the only parent my kids have,” she went on. “I tend to be too careful so that they have fewer reasons to be upset with me in the long run,” I’ve said.


Mindy Kaling, the actress, and founder of Never Have I Ever, shared adorable photos of her Easter egg decorating with her children on Instagram.

She has been private about her children, often blurring their faces in photos, and has expressed her desire to let them grow up before discussing their public profile. Kaling was recently honored with the National Medal of Arts by President Joe Biden, and she continues to cherish special moments with her children while navigating parenthood in the public eye.

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