Japan’s relationship with the gaming industry has long been tense. It’s not that everyone in the country is totally against it, but the topic is often avoided. Given the potential for intrigue, controversy, and high stakes, many filmmakers and producers have looked to the gambling genre for inspiration.

The popularity of anime can be attributed to the genre’s humorous, engaging, and gripping narratives. The gaming industry is one of the many common topics explored in these Japanese animated films and series. 

Games, from the simplest card games to the most complex casino games in the best online casinos that payout, may be found all around the anime universe and serve as the subject of numerous episodes. Let’s take a look at the top five Japanese anime series that center around gaming, whether you’re a fan of roulette or just want to watch a decent show.


Based on the manga of the same name, Akagi is an anime with a focus on gaming. Shigeru Akagi, the protagonist, is a prodigy at gambling and, more especially, at the tile game mahjong. 

After a yakuza leader introduces him to the gaming scene, he soon rises to the top of the national rankings. These game sequences are some of the best in the series. If you are seeking a decent gaming-themed anime, then you should like Akagi.


The Greatest Survivor Another excellent anime on video game culture is Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji or Kaiji for short. It was inspired by the manga of the same-name manga. The main character, Kaiji Ito, is a deeply indebted man.

He starts to gamble with the yakuza in an attempt to return these enormous sums. All the way through, you’ll be on the edge of your seat thanks to the gripping plot of this series.

On Out

Third on our list is a film in an entirely different genre: One Outs. The response to this anime was incredible. The story is set in Okinawa and covers the experiences of an incredibly brilliant baseball player named Hiromichi Kojima. Toua Tokuchi, a famous percussionist, exposes him to the world of gambling and the form of baseball known as “One Outs,” in which two opponents face off against one another. While the first two seasons were dramas, the third is an action show.

The Legend of a Player: Tetsuya

Direct anime release from 1990. The Legend of a Player: Tetsuya is an old anime, but it’s still fun to watch. Like the original, it’s based on a classic manga story. All the action centers on a man named Tetsuya, whose favorite game is, once again, mah-jong. While looking for a formidable opponent, he discovers Hiroshi, who is reputed to be the best player in the country. The gambling scenes in this anime are quite realistic, especially considering the period.

The World God Only Knows

The World, God Only Knows is the most recent and best-animated series to date. This is the tale of a man named Keima Katsuragi, an expert in the field of dating and sex simulation games. Now a demon straight from Hell has enlisted his help in capturing evil spirits. To achieve this goal, he must ensure that these women fall deeply in love with him in the real world. While the plot may be a little bit out of the ordinary, this show is hilarious and entertaining.


Among the hundreds of animated series available for easy streaming online, these five are among the most interesting and well-liked that focus on the topic of gambling, and more specifically, on gambling for money.

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