Following the most recent elimination from Dancing With The Stars, Fans Are Extra Sad For One Pro

Everyone merits at least a brief period of fame.

Dancing With The Stars, current season, wouldn’t be complete without some disappointment at an early elimination from the competition.

Even though Real Housewives actress Teresa Giudice was eliminated in Week 2 — or perhaps it was simply her sparkling wine that spilled — there were perhaps more disappointed DWTS viewers when they saw professional Pasha Pashkov go with her.

The dancer has certainly faced early elimination before, and several admirers wondered on social media when Pashkov would eventually have his chance to shine for a longer period of time.

As Season 31 began, Pasha and Teresa found themselves in danger right away. They were in the bottom two after Week 1, however, they were saved by the judges after receiving a unanimous vote.

Week 2 didn’t proceed similarly, though. While Pashkov and Giudice were able to secure votes from Bruno Tonioli and Derek Hough, their fellow tablemates Carrie Ann Inaba and Len Goodman chose Cheryl Burke and meteorologist Sam Champion. Pashkov and Giudice’s chances of winning were over because Goodman’s vote counts as two votes in a tie situation.

As soon as Pasha Pashkov was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars in Week 2, Twitter erupted in outrage. Many people felt that it was unjust for him to go home so soon, especially after his recent stints on the ABC version of the show.

Season 28, when Paskov entered Dancing With The Stars, turned out to be his best season to date in terms of performance. Together with The Office veteran Kate Flannery, Pasha came in at a respectable seventh position.

Flannery was ultimately dismissed in a move that even Len Goodman later expressed remorse over. Since then, every season has ended much more abruptly because that was the apex of his run, as the fan below points out.

The Stars of Dancing Pasha Pashkov left in Week 2 for the third season in a row with Season 31. When he was matched with the animal rights activist Carol Baskin in Season 29, she was skilled at introducing tigers into a performance but lacked the staying power to continue the streak.

The Bling Empire actor Christine Chiu was Pashkov’s partner in Season 30, and they truly had a great week. Sadly, they were eliminated even though they significantly outperformed Cheryl Burke and fitness expert Cody Rigsby, who was penalized heavily when COVID affected their performance.

With such horrible luck, one could only hope that Season 31, which will feature the show’s premiere for subscribers to Disney+, would go better for Pashkov. But it wasn’t meant to be, and in the wake of his most recent elimination, fans are pleading for more of him in the upcoming season, possibly playing partner to a more athletic competitor.

In light of this, the actual question is: What does Pasha Paskov need in order to succeed? Fans will undoubtedly be asking this question as they watch Joseph Baena strut his stuff throughout the rest of the season, assessing everyone else’s performances all the more harshly in the process.

This fan observed after the first week’s results that perhaps he’ll be paired up with someone a little better able to keep up with his moves next year.

Who knows what the solution is, but Pasha Pashkov has undoubtedly been treated unfairly for a while. Maybe the producers will give him a bone, but not a real skeleton, the next year, and he’ll land a famous person who already knows how to impress others on the dance floor.

That’s assuming he doesn’t leave before the following season, as happened with two professionals prior to the current one.

On Mondays, Dancing With The Stars is shown on Disney+(opens in a new tab). Even if Pasha Pashkov is no longer around, the season is still active, so be sure to watch the live broadcast or replay each week.

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