Born Regererai Page in London in 1988, this British actor is considered to be one of the rising screen stars of our times following his breakthrough success story by way of Netflix’s original series, Bridgerton.

Early Career

Having always enjoyed acting as a hobby, Page began formal training at the Drama Center London following the completion of his secondary school education.

His professional acting career began in 2001 when he starred in the role of Tanaka in the TV show Grimme 6. Following this, Page made appearances in Casualty@Holby City in 2005 and then achieved more prominent roles in 2013’s Fresh Meat, and on Waterloo Road in 2015.

Page then began to appear in several stateside productions, including the pilot for Spark, and the series For The People which ran for 2 seasons before being cancelled by ABC.

Page also featured in some limited film roles, first in 2018’s Mortal Engines, and then in 2020’s Sylvie’s Love.


When Bridgerton first dropped on Netflix in December of 2020, few knew or had heard of the series of novels written by Julia Quinn that they were based on. But the show’s captivating blend of saucy scenes, opulent costumery, and refreshingly diverse casting took the world by a storm leading it to become the most-watched show in Netflix’s history.

Page, who had previously never landed a leading role, suddenly found himself as the figurehead of a global media maelstrom in which he starred as the aloof Duke of Hastings.

In light of this enormous rise to fame, fans and critics alike were aghast to find out that Page had elected to leave the show and forgo appearing in the second season which was already beginning pre-production at the time.

When questioned about this, Page stated that he felt the show was a limited series, and that his character’s storyline up to that point was a neat, one-season arc. Essentially, in a bid to avoid being typecast or overstay his welcome, Page chose to leave the show on a high to pursue his burgeoning movie career.

However, this is not the end of the story, as Page has now stated he will be returning to the show from Season 3, stating that he had been given a clearer idea of where the showrunners were intending to take his character, which should be great news for those who sorely missed him in the show’s second season.

Top Pick for New Bond

Aside from Page’s hotly anticipated return to Bridgerton in Season 3, which is due to drop next year, the major news on the grapevine surrounding the actor is that he has been placed among a short-list of names considered to be bookies’ favorites to become the next James Bond.

Whoever succeeds Daniel Craig will need to make the character their own and take the hero of espionage in a new direction, as did Craig when he burst onto the screen as a radically new and grittier Bond in 2006’s Casino Royale.

Should Page beat out his rivals Henry Cavill and Idris Elba, he would become the seventh Bond to feature in an official EON productions release. He would be joining the likes of the original 007, Sean Connery, who set standards for class in the role when he appeared in a White tuxedo in Diamonds of Forever, raising the stakes before a roulette table.

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This service, which collates the best providers of this title as well as delivering competitive promotions and free bet offers to its users, is emblematic of the ways in which our world is far more connected and technologically fluent today than when it was depicted in the Connery-era films.

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Likewise, from Moore right through to Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, Bond has always sought to keep pace with the latest technological advancements and attitudes of the time it finds itself in. With EON productions themselves suggesting they would like their next Bond to be in their 30s, Page looks like the right man for the job in more ways than one.

Net Worth

Regé-Jean Page’s net worth is believed to be valued at around $1.5 million by way of his acting roles and numerous appearances.

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