Accidental data loss or data corruption can occur inevitably. In such scenarios, you may lose your essential data permanently. Moreover, hardware failures or virus attacks can delete your saved files on your PC. Partition errors are another common reason for data loss in computers. Thus, to tackle all these issues, you will need a hard drive recovery software free.

This article will highlight a renowned data recovery tool called Recoverit. We will shed light on its core features, benefits, and instructions to use. Hence, this guide can be extremely helpful to you in recovering lost data on your system.

Part 1: Disclosing WondershareRecoverit–A Professional Data Recovery Software

Are you worried about the frequent data loss? WondershareRecoveritis a popular tool that recognizes more than 1,000 file formats. You can recover your lost videos, photos, and documents with Recoverit. This tool also shows compatibility with over two thousand storage devices. You can recover the lost files from a PC, Mac, hard drive, USB, music player, drone, camera, etc.

This data recovery tool has 20 years of technical experience. It provides advanced options to recover lost data files without corruption. Furthermore, this data recovery software can target deeply hidden files in your device. Using its advanced data recovery abilities, you can flawlessly retrieve lost files. Also, Recoverit has a 95% recovery rate, ensuring its reliability.

Part 2: Major Features of WondershareRecoverit– Robust Data Recovery Tool

Recoverit is a comprehensive data recovery tool that includes many features. That is why it contains useful features to target everyday problems. In this section, we will discuss the major features of Recoveritbriefly.

1. Enhanced Photo and Video Recovery

With this feature, you can execute a complete scan on your system to find lost media files. It offers double scan modes: quick and deep. With these options, you can easily retrieve lost or deleted video files. Moreover, this tool lets you gather the fragments of the HD, Ultra HD, and 4K videos. You can also use its “Advanced Video Repair” option to repair severely damaged files.

2. System Crashed Computer Recovery

If your computer crashes or encounters a blue screen, Recoverit can still function. This tool can work under all unexpected reboot problems. It will create a bootable USB drive to recover the targeted lost files. Hence, this data recovery can retrieve your important data even in a crashed computer.

3. NAS Data Recovery

The NAS data recovery feature lets you recover lost data from corrupted NAS servers. This tool shows compatibility with all NAS brands like Synology, QNAP, ASUSTOR, D-Link, etc. It also supports all RAID levels. Hence, Recoverit can retrieve the data in real time in NAS servers.

4. Excel Recovery

This tool offers an easy solution for Excel file recovery. Whether you have accidentally deleted Excel files or lost them, you can restore them. It can also recover lost Excel files from NAS servers, Linux systems, and crashed computers. Moreover, it supports all the major formats of Excel files. Examples are XLS, XLSB, XLTX, XML, CSV, TSV, etc.

5. Hard Drives and Locations Recovery

Using this tool, you can recover the desired data from all external devices. It supports both internal and external hard drives. Moreover, it shows compatibility with all the famous brands of hard drives. Examples are Toshiba, HP, Samsung, Dell, etc. You can also retrieve the lost data from your desktop and recycle bin.

Part 3: A Complete Guide to Recover Data Through Recoverit

After discovering the features of Recoverit, let us learn how to use this tool. This data recovery tool has a friendly user interface that you can operate hassle-free. This section will offer a complete guide to recovering lost data.

Step 1: Select the Data Loos Location

Begin by launching WondershareRecoverit on your computer and go to the “Hard Drives and Location” tab from the left panel of the interface. By doing so, you can select the location on your PC where you have lost the data files.

image 252

Step 2: Analyze and Pinpoint the Files

Once done with choosing a location, click on the “Start” button to begin scanning. During the process, the tool will bring the retrieved files to the screen. You can pinpoint the files by using the filters. To navigate to a specific file, you can use the search bar.

image 253

Step 3: Confirm and Recover the Deleted Files

Select the retrieved files to preview them and click on the “Preview” button. After analyzing them through the preview option, you can click on the “Recover” button. Also, make sure to select a safe destination place to save the retrieved data files.

image 254

Part 4: Main Advantages of Using WondershareRecoverit

Recoverit is an extraordinary tool featuring many benefits. Thus, this tool has gained immense popularity and trust among the users. Here are some of the main advantages of Recoverit which make this tool unique:

  • Patented Technology: This data recovery tool has thirty-five advanced patents due to its distinctive technology. It uses advanced algorithms through which users can retrieve deeply hidden files on their devices.
  • Works on 500+ Scenarios: This tool can function under complicated circumstances. It can tackle problems like accidental deletion, malware attacks, hardware damage, internal hard drive issues, etc.
  • Supports Batch Processing: This data recovery software can recover many files at once. Along with files, you can also recover many folders simultaneously.
  • Thumbnails and Preview: To assist you in recovering the desired files, this tool offers options like preview and thumbnail. With such options, you can recognize and analyze the retrieved files before recovering them to the PC.
  • User-Friendly Environment: The entire process to run this data recovery software is straightforward. It also supports many resolutions for the computer screen: 100%, 125%, and 150%.

Part 5: Affordable Pricing Plans of WondershareRecoverit

Unlike other recovery tools, Recoverit offers affordable pricing plans. Thus, students and beginners can buy their desired plan of this tool efficiently.



Recoverit is a proficient data recovery tool. Thus, it uses advanced algorithms and patented technology to recover lost data files. It supports all major file formats and storage devices. Moreover, it does not require extensive time to restore your lost files. There are many beneficial features of this tool. For instance, batch processing, advanced video recovery, double scanning modes, etc. Hence, try this hard drive recovery software.

WondershareRecoverit Free Download:

Click below to download WondershareRecoverit.

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