What happened on the flight?

According to the Miami police, Odell Beckham Jr. was removed from an American Airlines flight after the crew voiced their worry about the football player’s health.

The police who were dispatched to the airport around 9:30 A.M. stated that the flight crew reported Beckham to be drifting in and out of his consciousness when he was asked to fasten his seatbelt before departure.

The flight crew proceeded to call for police and fire rescue but upon arrival Beckham who was asked to leave the flight numerous times was persistent to stay on board.

The police then asked all the passengers to get off board in an attempt to convince Beckham to exit the plane.

He proceeded to exit the plane without causing a scene. A Twitter user who was on the flight posted a video showing Odell being escorted by the officers.

What is Beckham’s statement on the situation that happened?

Daniel Davilier, his attorney, claims that the airline had seriously misunderstood the situation.

Davilier asserts in a statement that his client wasn’t going in and out of consciousness, as the police claimed to have been informed but was actually asleep.

Odell had fallen asleep after boarding the plane, according to Davilier. When he was eventually roused from his nap by the crew, who informed him that he had to exit the aircraft since he hadn’t fastened his seatbelt.

This message was allegedly delivered to him once he was fast asleep. His lawyer claims that once he was aware of the order, Odell was about to follow through with it however, at that time an overly concerned flight attendant informed him it was too late.

Odell also claims that the attendant blew the situation into an unnecessary scale by showing off his authoritarian status.

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