Jarin Thomas Cole, a bright and gifted musician noted for his warm smile, kind heart, and exceptional musical ability, went by the stage name JC Stringz. He was a senior at the Boston-based Berklee School of Music at the time of his death, and he had intended to graduate in May 2024.

JC Stringz

In the Central Texas music scene, JC Stringz was a well-known performer at places including Billy Bob’s Burgers, Big Hoss BBQ, Dead Fish Grill, and Caribbean Ice in Killeen. Additionally, he performed at well-known Austin venues like Antone’s, The Skylark Lounge, and The Victory Grill.

His performances moved many people, and the gifts that God had given him were evident in his music. The passing of JC Stringz created a gap in the music industry, but his inspirational music and the impression he left on those who had the honor of attending his performances ensure that his memory and legacy will never be forgotten.

JC Stringz’s Death

Tragically, JC Stringz died on August 2, 2033, at the age of only 22. His cause of death has not yet been made public. He was a gifted musician from Bell County, and his abrupt departure caused a gap in the neighborhood.

JC Stringz's Death

JC Stringz was a vital member of the Greater Vision Community Church Band from an early age and began demonstrating his musical abilities and commitment to his trade at the age of 14. His participation in the church band demonstrated his love of music and dedication to using his talents to benefit his community.

JC Stringz’s Cause Of Death

Since the circumstances of JC Stringz’s death were not made public, it is unknown what caused him to pass away. Many people were heartbroken by his unfortunate and unexpected death at the young age of 22.

JC Stringz's Cause Of Death

Many people in his community and beyond were enamored with him because of his musical talent, kind demeanor, and charitable heart. A life that had so much promise and potential was cut short when JC Stringz died at the age of 22.

His untimely passing left a vacuum in the music industry and in the lives of those who knew and appreciated him as a young musician with a promising future.

JC Stringz: A Gifted Musician

JC Stringz, also known as Jarin Thomas Cole, was an incredibly gifted musician who started perfecting his craft at a very young age. He began learning the guitar when he was eight years old and afterward experimented with the violin and keys when he was 10 and twelve. He added vocals to his repertoire later in his adolescent years, demonstrating his range of abilities.

JC Stringz: A Gifted Musician

Beyond his extraordinary musical talent, Jarin had a strong desire to use his abilities to make other people happy. He wanted his music to serve as a vehicle for inspiration and joy. His family attested to his commitment to using his music and charitable endeavors to bless those around him.

JC Stringz’s Philanthropic Activities

Jarin’s philanthropic activities demonstrated his altruism and giving nature. He generously gave away the money he made from his performances to help the less fortunate in many ways.

JC Stringz's Philanthropic Activities

He donated money for sleeping bags and blankets for the homeless, helped a buddy who was in a vehicle accident, encouraged a cancer survivor, and supported other people in the community during trying times, among other charitable deeds.


JC Stringz made a significant difference in the lives of individuals he came into contact with through his music and deeds of compassion. His contributions to the world as a gifted musician and a kind man have left a lasting legacy that continues to encourage and empower others.


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