About Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott

Scott has a 4-year-old daughter named Zeela from a prior relationship, and Nick Cannon has previously fathered 11 children.

The news of their second pregnancy follows the passing of Cannon and Scott’s son Zen, who passed away on December 5, 2021, at only five months of age.

How did they realise their new born had cancer?

Cannon opens up about how the two parents came to learn that their infant son had brain cancer.

He said that they noticed his head was slightly larger but brushed it off as all of Cannon’s kids had big heads by genetics. By the time Zen was around 2 months old Cannon noticed a difference in the kid’s breathing pattern.

On the suspicion that Zen might have asthma they took him to a children’s physician where the doctor was immediately concerned by the size of Zen’s head.

After performing a lot of different tests, Zen was diagnosed with high grade glooms which is a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer.


Following this the parents were faced with the option of using chemotherapy as a form of treatment.

Cannon who had previously underwent chemotherapy to treat Lupus had struggled with the process and called it ‘life-draining’. He did not want his newborn son to undergo the same kind of pain.

The parents chose to take their baby boy home instead of going through with the treatment and instead spent some beautiful time together as a family.

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