His ex-wife Kel Mitchell’s outlandish accusations did not bother Nick Cannon.

Tyisha Hampton, the Wild ‘N Out host, was implicated in Cannon and Mitchell’s breakup after she tweeted a TikTok about them on July 5, as Radar previously reported.

She claimed in the video that she once came home “wearing my complete cheerleading costume” and “performing routines on the bed to ‘cheer up’ Mitchell because he cheated on me,” a claim she made while married to the actor from 1999 to 2005.

She went on to say, “You may definitely be blinded by love.”

Smiling sarcastically, Nick Cannon responded to the reports with a BallerAlert article, pointing out that the rumors were untrue.

Nick Cannon Responds to Cheer Claims Kel Mitchell Ex Wife

“Yep!! Also, we’re pretty sure that we’ve got some orange soda in our mouths and a few kids’ choice awards in our rectums “he responded, making reference to Kenan & Kel cartoons, with emojis of sobbing laughter.

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The couple’s post-divorce turmoil has been well-documented. Lyric and Allure are the offspring of Hampton and Kel Mitchell.

Her claim that Mitchell owed her over $1 million in retroactive child support was denied by Mitchell in 2021.

Mitchell responded to the charges on Instagram by saying they were unfounded. Those who speak the truth are God’s delight, he wrote at the time.

According to RadarOnline.com’s exclusive report, the Nickelodeon actor just filed a fresh lawsuit against his former flame.

To quote him, “Tyisha has done all in her ability to lead me through her road of ruin,” in a shocking court document.

“Since I was forced to start anew, I’ve made a concerted effort to organise my personal and professional affairs. I made it a priority to mend my personal and professional connections “Mitchell claimed even more.

Nick Cannon Responds to Cheer Claims Kel Mitchell Ex Wife

Mitchell claims he’s tried everything to keep things civil but to no avail.

“All these years and thousands of money, I’m still fighting her for justice. My entire public position has been tarnished by Tyisha’s portrayal of me as a neglectful father “He countered with the argument that nothing could be more incorrect.

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