A message for his children comes from Nick Cannon. The soon-to-be dad of eight and TV personality, 41, uploaded a video of himself rapping to his kids to Instagram on Tuesday.

At one point, he rapped, “I gotta say something to all of my kids, your daddy going to love you whatever it is,” before reiterating, “all of my children will always be buddies, even if their mommies are not in agreeance.”

He said, “We’re in allegiance with Nick Cannon, a gang. They can do it because “Cannon” is their name.

There is “no drama, no politics” with “all of my baby mamas,” Cannon rapped afterward.

Currently, Cannon is married to four different women and has seven kids total: 11-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with Mariah Carey; Golden “Sagon,” 5; and Powerful Queen, 1; twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, 1; and Zen, who passed away in December at the age of 5 months, with Alyssa Scott.

His eighth kid, a son that he and Bre Tiesi are expecting, will be born soon. The model discussed her feelings about Cannon’s other children when ET chatted with her last month.

“In terms of other people’s affairs, I really don’t have an opinion. I really am not into that “said her.

“I didn’t know why everyone was so worried when it first started happening, I was just like. Why, for instance, are you unhappy over events that occur in my home?”

Nick Cannon Tells His Kids to Stay Friends Even when Their "Mamas Aren't in Agreement"

Tiesi continued, “I don’t feel like it really affects me. “People are used to having traditional relationships, and I can see their perspective. We are taught to believe that. This has been going on for however long you want to call it.”

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Despite the fact that Tiesi claimed she doesn’t communicate with the moms of Cannon’s other children, she did observe that “the kids are going to be incredibly close” regardless of what happens.

In a Q&A on her Instagram Story shortly after, De La Rosa expressed her thoughts on the subject.

“Family was such a strong part of my upbringing. I have hella cousins and fourteen uncles and aunts “She put pen to paper.

Nick Cannon Tells His Kids to Stay Friends Even when Their "Mamas Aren't in Agreement"

“I don’t expect everyone to share my viewpoint or understand it, and I’m only speaking about my own family unit here, but I think it’s awesome that my kids have so many siblings; I consider it a blessing. No matter how you look at it, kids are a blessing.”

Regarding Cannon’s perspective, he stated to Men’s Health last month that he has “seen where individuals believe a conventional household works, but there is a lot of toxicity in that atmosphere.”

“What society thinks is right is not the issue. What makes it appropriate for you, exactly? How do you feel happy?

What brings you happiness, and what does family mean to you? Everybody has a different definition of family, “he remarked “Contrary to popular assumption, I’m probably more involved in my kids’ lives throughout the day than the average adult can be.”

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