NFT was purchased by Logan Paul for $623k and is now worth $10.

Logan Paul is one of the richest YouTubers in the world, but he has made the majority of his wealth outside of the video platform by using his reputation to try out new things. He has dabbled in boxing, expert wrestling, and even cryptocurrency, investing in various cutting-edge coins and NFTs.

Paul’s experience with digital currencies has not been good, as the YouTube celebrity recently disclosed that he suffered significant financial losses during the cryptographic currency meltdown.

In a segment of the Andrew Schulz-hosted internet show “Blatant,” Paul appeared as a guest and was questioned by Schulz about his hardships during the crypto crisis.

Logan Paul was questioned by Schulz, who said, “Let me know the amount you’ve been washed by bitcoin and like NFTs right now.” Paul then immediately pulled out his phone to check the value of his cryptocurrency investments and to communicate his thoughts regarding the accident.

It very well could be the worst accident we have ever witnessed; Ether’s set at 1538, so it’s horrible fella Ether. I’m not sure how much you contribute. The idea is absurd. Yesterday was the year 1900, doubled, or maybe a half year earlier.

Paul then revealed his cryptocurrency losses at that point, saying, “strictly crypto around $ 750k” and “NFTs just by the idea of crypto a portion of 1,000,000.” Of course, Schulz didn’t take them too seriously, responding, “OK, that’s not crazy” and “for how big you are in the space, that’s not excessively.”

Paul’s investments in digital currency appear to have cost him roughly $1.2 million, but as Schulz noted, this won’t have a significant long-term impact on the Nonconformist.

Although $1.2 million is a big sum of money, Paul may have a slight catastrophe with his $45 million in total assets as of 2022 since, much like his career, The Free thinker has broadened his financial activities.

He has created an energy drink called Prime Energy in partnership with famous YouTuber KSI. He also has his own clothing company, Nonconformist Clothing. Additionally, Paul has stated that he will return to boxing, and at only 27 years old, he will have plenty of opportunities to make up for his misfortunes.

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