Ray Buffer, is an actor who has been in Bullet Train, American Gigolo, and Curbs Your Enthusiasm.

He has been accused of stealing $600 worth of comic books from a business in San Diego. Here is the complete article on his life and career up to this point.

Early Life of Ray Buffer

Ray grew up in South Florida and went to college there to study musical theatre. At age 13, he embarked on a successful career in the Great Arts. His professional background includes time spent singing and performing with opera companies, regional Collateral theatre, and orchestras.

He finished his undergraduate degree and moved to Central Florida, where he continued to play under contract at a number of different theatres, amusement parks, and tourist attractions.

Ray Buffer Net Worth

Ray has also worked as a Producer, Film Director, and/or Musical Director on numerous Florida stage has and musicals. Ray has now moved to SoCal, where he has continued his acting career in film, TV, commercials, music videos, and voiceovers.

Some of his most recent work includes a role as Stage Supervisor “Darrell” on the Emmy-winning HBO comedy series “LIMIT YOUR Enthusiasm” and a nationwide tour with the Mantovani Orchestra.

In addition to being a skilled singer and musician, Ray also composes music for film, theatre, and other media. “Rats & Bullies” is Ray’s first documentary film of this length, and he also served as the film’s co-executive producer.

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Ray Buffer’s Net Worth

An individual having a net worth of $7 million, who is as gifted as Ray Buffer is hard to come by. He also has musical interests and works as a voice actor.

Ray Buffer Net Worth
Net Worth:$7 million
Born in:South Florida

Ray Buffer, A Hollywood Actor, Is Accused of Stealing $600 Worth of Comic Books

Apparently, Buffer was caught on security footage at Southern California Comics last week, grabbing comics and hiding them under his shirt.

After verifying his identity, the shop emailed the actor with an offer to return the property before reporting him to authorities. As Southern California Comics posted on Facebook, Buffer “said we are bullying him” in response.

The San Diego Police Department is now in possession of all relevant information thanks to the store’s cooperation.

Southern California Comics owner Jamie Newbold told EW the store will be pressing charges against Buffer and claimed his shop is not the only comics store the actor has targeted, providing security footage said to show Buffer at Metropolis Comics in Los Angeles, taken in late September and provided by people who work at the shop.

Actor Joan Marcus Ray Buffer, known for bit parts in films like Bullet Train and American Gigolo, as well as television shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” has been accused of comic book theft.

Ray Buffer Net Worth

Co-owner Alania Rice verified the event to EW as well.

EW’s request for comment from the San Diego Police Department and Buffer went unanswered for some time.

The actor is known for his string of minor or uncredited parts in both film and television. Based on his IMDb page, Buffer has lately played a hitman in American Gigolo, a politician in Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga, and a paparazzi cameraman in White Famous.

Recently, Buffer appeared in the film Bullet Train, alongside Brad Pitt, Bad Bunny, Brian Tyree Henry, Joey King, and Sandra Bullock, in the uncredited role of a “Russian thug.”

The news was initially reported by TMZ.

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Ray Buffer was born on September 2, 1969. In addition to acting, Ray Buffer is also a singer and a voice-over artist. He has an estimated $7 million., according to experts. Actor Ray Buffer was recently accused of stealing comics from a store.

Ray Buffer is being charged with robbing a comic book store. In an Instagram post, Luna Collectable said, “This is the person that has been Stealing at our store and other local comic stores around the region heads up everybody if you could provide me additional details so everybody could be aware of this guy.

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