NOT REALLY Tony Bellew claims that Tommy Fury is “NOT motivated by winning titles” and is “desperate” to get a bout with Jake Paul or KSI.

Tommy Fury is “desperate” to get in a fight with Jake Paul or KSI, according to TONY BELLEW, and “not motivated by winning belts.”

The 2019 Love Island contestant twice agreed to take on Paul, but she withdrew from both fights.

Additionally, he recently responded to a callout from YouTuber KSI, who won TWO games in a row.

Former world champion Bellew’s perception of Fury’s brother, Tyson, has changed as a result of Fury’s choice to participate in the all-celebrity fights.

He said to DAZN: “I was led to believe that Tommy was a serious talent with lofty goals to succeed in the sport at the beginning of his career.

“I can tell he’s not motivated by winning titles after watching his first few fights and observing how desperate he is to get a match with these YouTube fighters.

It’s all about making money by competing against opponents like KSI and Jake Paul.”

Paul, 25, and Fury, 23, were scheduled to fight in December but Fury withdrew due to a rib ailment sustained while training.

And when they attempted to reschedule for August, he again encountered problems with his US visa.

After three years away from the ring, KSI made a comeback and has his sights set on a showdown with Paul.

And he made up for a lost time by defeating both so-called boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda, 23, and rapper Swartz, 25, at the beginning and conclusion of the night, respectively.

The 29-year-old KSI challenged Fury to a bout in January as part of his second return.

And Bellew, 39, believes that the 8-0 light-heavyweight would be better off pursuing influencer matches rather than trying their luck in the regular ranks.

He stated: “To be fair to Tommy, it’s most likely the wisest course of action given his aptitude.

“I’ll state it publicly that I don’t believe he has what it takes to take home a British title.

“Domestically, the light heavyweight division is packed, and you’d have to move further down the rankings to find a fighter you thought Tommy would do well against.

“His current course is perhaps the most advantageous for business.”

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