It’s all about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the match between Logan Paul and reigning WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

As previously mentioned, the WWE conducted a press conference on Saturday in Las Vegas where it was revealed that Paul will face Reigns for the championship on Saturday, November 5 at Mrsool Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The match was scheduled when Reigns was a guest on Paul’s podcast last week, but after Reigns departed the program, Paul declared that he believed he was prepared to face Reigns.

Due to Paul’s enormous fan base, the Reigns vs. Paul feud is undoubtedly giving WWE some attention from the general public and new viewers. The match has more to do with Saudi Arabia than it does with any current WWE storylines, according to a recent report from Dave Meltzer on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast.

Paul is well-known in Saudi Arabia, where Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is rumored to be a huge fan. Furthermore, WWE is paid a significant sum of money to stage these special attraction contests, including celebrity matches, by the Saudi government, which is mostly led by MBS.

Paul can attract more mainstream media attention to the Kingdom than someone like Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, or even Brock Lesnar. The Crown Prince and his government have spent a lot of money and effort luring A-List celebrities into the Kingdom in recent years as they attempt to revamp their image into a more entertainment-friendly nation.

Reigns are expected to defend his championship at Crown Jewel, where he may hold it until WrestleMania 39 in April or at least till the beginning of 2023. The outcome of the Paul vs. Reigns bout is yet unknown, but it should be intriguing.

Paul has a deal with WWE that runs through 2023, which he inked earlier this summer. At WrestleMania 38 in April, he made his ring debut by defeating The Mysterios with The Miz. At the end of July, Paul made his singles debut by defeating The Miz at WWE SummerSlam.

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