Donald Glover is an American actor, comedian, singer, rapper, writer, director, and producer. He is a talented artist and has acted in several major shows and films. His music has been amazing too.

He also played a part in Spider-Man: Homecoming and also voiced adult Simba in The Lion King. But, the actor has a knack for landing in hot waters due to his controversial comments.

Donald and His Controversial Statement

In a now-viral interview extract, “Swarm” creator Donald Glover made waves by describing the attitude he wanted Dominique Fishback, the show’s lead, to take to her role.

Donald Glover

In the Vulture article, Glover states: “I kept telling her, ‘You’re not regular people. You don’t have to find the humanity in your character. That’s the audience’s job…think of it more like an animal and less like a person.’” He further added:

Actors in general, they want to get layered performances. And I don’t think [Dominique Fishback’s character] Dre is that layered… I wanted her performance to be brutal. It’s a raw thing. It reminds me of how I have a fear of dogs because I’m like, ‘You’re not looking at me in the eye, I don’t know what you’re capable of.’

Twitter was ablaze with complaints, pointing out that his latest offensive remark in a succession of offensive ones was him comparing a Black woman to an animal.

Glover’s approach was the exact opposite of this, and for that, he is being criticized. But why should murderers be made to feel like people? Onscreen, Black women frequently play roles that are stereotypical or assigned to them.

In the realm of acting, marginalized groups are frequently ignored, yet Fishback’s portrayal of “Swarm” defies expectations.

Donald Glover

As The Root previously examined, there should be room for flaws. However, Glover’s history of insulting words toward Black women has now surfaced once more, and he has to be held responsible for them.

He conducted an odd Q&A with Interview magazine in response to criticism of how his well-liked program “Atlanta” inaccurately represented Black women.

In an unpleasant conversation with himself, Glover inquired as to whether he was “afraid of Black women.” As well as accusing himself, he said that he “used Black women to question [his] Blackness.”

He made fun of sexual assault, fetishized Asian women, and allowed non-Black women to refer to him by the N-word during sexual encounters in previous comedy routines and on his albums.

Donald Glover’s Apology Regarding His Behavior

Unfortunately, Donald has never stepped up to be accountable for his actions. He never once apologized for his scandalous remarks. But he did make a post on his social media page back in 2013, that resembles an effort to change.

Donald Glover

Mistakes you’ve made during the year, your life, your eternity, you’re always allowed to be better. You’re always allowed to grow up…if you want.” It read.

It doesn’t look like Glover has evolved at all, but, his skills surely have.

It’s unlikely that he will apologize for his offensive remarks, but one can only hope that he will pay attention to the criticism and speak about Black women in the future with more caution.


Donald Glover made a recent scandalous comment which has people reeling. He made a statement that could be deduced by a comparison between Black women and animals. This has people enraged.

However, no betterment or changes in the actor/singer’s behavior can be expected.

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