In addition to her partner Cole Tucker and the Coachella Music Festival, Vanessa Hudgens has two more great loves in life: bikinis.

She gets her kicks out of posting images of herself in revealing two-piece swimsuits to her Instagram account.

While lounging in the ocean during a tropical trip, Vanessa reportedly told admirers, “If the waters warm, you know where to find me.”

Vanessa Hudgens Is a Permanent Candidate for A Bikini! Here Are Some of Her Hottest Bikini Pics

The Princess Switch star enjoys vacationing in the Caribbean’s Turks and Caicos, Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas, and Europe’s Mediterranean.

The actress enjoys lazy days in the sun at home just as much as she does on the set. She has used swimsuit images posing in her backyard pool to tell her followers “Happy weekend” and other encouraging sentiments over the years.

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Now that she has teamed up with the athleisure company Fabletics to develop their “The Sun-Daze Collection,” Vanessa Hudgens may officially call herself a bikini designer.

Vanessa Hudgens Is a Permanent Candidate for A Bikini! Here Are Some of Her Hottest Bikini Pics

In an Instagram carousel post from April 2022, she revealed the initiative to her followers while wearing one of the featured items: a tan string bikini with a black and neon green leopard print.

She announced to her 43.5 million Instagram followers, “This has been months in the making and now you can OFFICIALLY go check it out.”

I designed this collection to be versatile enough to be worn anywhere: out with friends, at the gym, at the pool, running errands, etc.

Vanessa Hudgens Is a Permanent Candidate for A Bikini! Here Are Some of Her Hottest Bikini Pics

We hope you enjoy browsing our selection as much as we have in selecting it for you! “, Vanessa gushed.

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The Bad Boys for Life actress maintains her stunning bikini body with a regimen that includes cardio and toning exercises like Pilates and hot yoga.

“I don’t like the way my body appears when I’ve been working out since my body gains muscle really quickly.

In an interview for Parade published in June 2019, she said, “I find that the way I attain the figure that I desire for myself is to lengthen, to lean, and to tone.”

And on days when I have the luxury of time, I adore starting my day with Pilates and then transitioning to Soul Cycle.

An added bonus is always welcome in my book! When I put in double the effort, I get twice the satisfaction,” she continued. It’s no surprise that Vanessa looks amazing in a swimsuit.

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