Bebe Rexha is an incredible performer who has no qualms about using her music to critique unrealistic beauty ideals. Her admirers love her for her candour, and songs like “Baby, I’m Jealous” explore issues of self-perception to great effect.

Bebe also discusses body image by posting photos of herself on Instagram, often in revealing clothing such as bikinis and swimsuits.

The “Me, Myself & I” singer posted a selfie to Instagram in May 2019 while on vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico, captioning the image, “Here is what a genuine woman looks like on Instagram without Photoshop.”

I should have Photoshopped my stomach to make it look flat, she admitted at the time. It’s possible that I may have benefited from using Photoshop to slim down my legs.

If I had smoothed my legs and stood up straighter, I could have gotten a better impression. Of course, I didn’t follow through. How messed up can society be?

Bebe Rexha, a singer, and songwriter has spoken publicly about the positive impact music has had on her development and sense of well-being.

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She discussed her history of “depression” in an interview with Self-published in February 2020, but said that music “had her back.” She also shared some tips for keeping a positive outlook on life.

The “Meant to Be” singer once stated, “I’m constantly complimenting other people, but the one thing we never do is compliment ourselves in our brains or tell ourselves good about.” Just keep reminding ourselves of our goals.

You could go the whole day telling people, “You look stunning.” Don’t be afraid to chase your goals. Do it again!”

We're Jealous of Bebe Rexha's Sexy Bikini and Swimsuit Pictures! Check out the photos

Bebe admits that she has been the target of vicious criticism from her peers in the industry because of her appearance, despite her success in encouraging others to do the same.

The “I’m a Mess” singer said someone watched her as she celebrated her 30th birthday by posting sexy photographs online.

The Brooklynite posted an August 2019 black and white Instagram photo of herself in black lingerie with, “I recently had a MALE music producer tell me that I was getting too old and that my brand was ‘confusing. This is due to the fact that…

We're Jealous of Bebe Rexha's Sexy Bikini and Swimsuit Pictures! Check out the photos

I’ve been told that it’s inappropriate for a woman my age to be a lyricist and to publish sexually suggestive photos of herself on social media platforms such as Instagram. I’m 29.”

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Bebe continued, saying that she was “fed up” and “weary of women getting classified as ‘hags’ when they become old,” yet “boys get categorized as sexy with age.”

We're Jealous of Bebe Rexha's Sexy Bikini and Swimsuit Pictures! Check out the photos

Anyway, I turn 30 on August 30, and you know what, I’m not running away from it, she went on. “I’m not going to misrepresent my age or perform songs that I think would do better commercially because they sound “younger.

” I’m going to enjoy getting older because, you know, I’m smarter, I’m stronger, and believe me, I’m a much better lover now than I was 10 years ago.

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