It’s not a secret that Addison Rae is on the rise. The up-and-coming actress hails from Lafayette, Louisiana, and is currently one of the hottest personalities on social media.

Addison, when she’s not making waves in Hollywood, posts adorable photos to Instagram, many of which include her in a swimsuit.

However, Addison had to work up her courage to start posting online, especially in light of the numerous instances of body shaming she had experienced.

The star of “He’s All That” explained what social media may be so distressing by saying, “A lot of it has to do with body image” in a February 2021 interview with Glamour.

Addison Rae elaborated, saying, “It’s a pretty hard thing to cope with when you’re a female, especially going through your teens.”

To paraphrase, “Oh, you have to look like this to look fantastic or to be hot or to be cool or to be lovely,” despite the fact that “I am 20 and my body is continuously changing,” the general public has a very specific idea of how a person should look.

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Kourtney Kardashian’s best friend went on to explain that she doesn’t like it when people give her “backhanded” compliments because of the way her body looks.

“It hurts when people say that because I truly believe that everyone is perfect; therefore, I fail to see the need for a standard of “this body is the ideal body.” Addison provided context.

Over the past twelve months, I have come to realize that my weight does not determine who I am or how I should feel about myself.

By extending “grace” to herself, Addison has come to accept and even enjoy her own body.

Seeing Addison Rae's Best Bikini Moments: See the Pictures!

In the past, I’ve pondered, “Why is it that my physique doesn’t look like that?” I mean, why the heck doesn’t my hair look like that? Or, ‘Why is my face like this?'” she finally confessed.

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“Even in terms of my physical appearance, there were occasions when I would take a hard look at myself and criticize various aspects of my appearance for no apparent reason.”

Seeing Addison Rae's Best Bikini Moments: See the Pictures!

Addison’s stardom will continue for quite some time, what with her 85 million TikTok fans and 40 million Instagram followers.

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