Valentine’s Day is obviously about romance, but it’s also about honoring your platonic ties on the day of love. There is no better way to show your dearest friends how much you care than with one of these top Valentine’s Day presents for pals.

We’ve got plenty of awesome presents for February 13th’s Galentine’s Day, but we also made sure to stock up on a wide variety of amusing tchotchkes that are perfect for everyone on your friend list. To appeal to them, you might take either a romantic or a practical approach (or a little bit of both). If you’re shopping for a large group of pals or a few extra individuals (like your boyfriend or girlfriend!) on your list, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that there are plenty of inexpensive options.

You’ll find both generic options that are simply tokens of your appreciation and more thoughtful presents that reflect the special bond you share with the recipient.

After opening presents, if you’re celebrating Christmas alone, you can cozy up with some wonderful romantic films and a delicious meal.

Costa Farms Mini Succulent

inexpensive valentine gifts

Well, it’s true, isn’t it? It’s the perfect little gift because it comes with a four-inch live plant and an adorable planter.

Knock Knock Why You’re My Bestie Fill-in-the-Love Book

inexpensive valentine gifts

Each page in this book will prompt you to think of all the ways your best friend has filled your life with love, joy, and laughs. Tell ’em to give it a read when they miss you most.

Costa Farms Pink Cactus

inexpensive valentine gifts

A floral bouquet isn’t exactly a great symbol of your everlasting love. This pretty pink cactus, on the other hand, will last forever — as long as she waters it sparingly and sticks it in a sunny spot.

InterestPrint Custom Faces Socks

inexpensive valentine gifts

Make sure you’re always on their mind and give your BFF a dose of silly with these custom face socks. They can also be customized with pet pictures if your bestie is the ultimate cat or dog person.

Mermermu Open when Envelopes

inexpensive valentine gifts

Give them little notes that they can open whenever they need a boost. With different themes like “Open When You Need to Laugh” and “Open Just Because,” it’s an easy way to be with them even if you can’t physically be with them.

I Know Collection Affirmation Cards

inexpensive valentine gifts

When you’re not around to tell your friend just how amazing/inspiring/thoughtful/beautiful they are, they can pull one of these affirmation cards from the deck and be their own cheerleader. Each card starts with an “I Am” statement, which can be repeated over and over.

CRAVEBOX Valentine’s Day Snacks Box Variety

inexpensive valentine gifts

They’ll get 45 different snacks, ranging from savory to sweet, all wrapped up in Valentine’s Day-themed box. There are even childhood favorites like Fun Dip and Tootsie Pops.

Glacelis Personalized Best Friend Print Art

inexpensive valentine gifts

If your group includes three besties, this custom frame is the best gift you can get. You can customize hair colors, skin tones, and even the quote that goes on top.

Dora Martin Handmade Heart-Shaped Balm with Dish

inexpensive valentine gifts

It looks like soap, but it’s actually a nourishing body balm. There are different scent/dish color combos to pick from, and each comes wrapped in a matching box.

Psukhai Gift Box

inexpensive valentine gifts

They’ll be so impressed when they open up the box and find a pair of socks, a candle, a tumbler, a bath bomb, and a wine stopper. “If you want your friend or loved one to feel special and not sure what to buy them and the person loves to pamper or needs to be pampered … this is a must-give gift,” an Amazon reviewer wrote.

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