It seems you have a memorable night and awakened hangry-slash-hungover, or maybe you simply woke to a house full of your own family who are hungry for breakfast. If you remembered to buy New Year’s Eve cocktail ingredients the night before but there’s nothing else in the fridge the next morning, you’ll want to know if Safeway will be open on New Year’s Day 2023 or not.

What time will Safeway be open on New Year’s Eve 2022?

What Time Does Safeway Open on New Year's Day? Visit Before The Store Gets Closed!

A great piece of news for any last-minute New Year’s Eve need is that: According to, most Safeways will be open on New Year’s Eve 2022 from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. These hours have been shortened, but hey, there’s still a possibility you can enter and leave with a fresh bottle of champagne in time for the midnight toast, right?

Your best choice is to give the Safeway nearest you a call in advance to double-check if they’re still open because open and closure timings tend to vary by location.

When Does Safeway Close?

What Time Does Safeway Open on New Year's Day? Visit Before The Store Gets Closed!

Safeway shops frequently go above and above to ensure that they remain open as long as possible to suit the demands of their customers. Safeway locations will be open on Christmas Eve, although they may close earlier. Check the schedule of your local shop.

Is Safeway, however, open on Christmas? On Christmas Day, Safeway will remain closed. This means you’ll have to finish all of your Christmas shopping by Christmas Eve or early – or go shopping on Boxing Day.

Safeway locations will be open on New Year’s Eve, although hours may be limited. Most retail businesses, like many others, will close early, so plan your shopping accordingly. Finally, many establishments will be open for a short time on Thanksgiving Day in 2022.

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