I love crystals so much, and I have a pretty good collection. You can read more about why I love crystals here. Nowadays more and more people seem interested in crystals so this would be the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea for your crystal-loving friends.

Whether or not you believe in its healing powers, crystals help to raise your vibrations and are pretty to look at in your space. It’s also a great idea to add natural elements like crystals in your bedroom and workspace. 

DIY Valentine’s Day Crystal Box

valentine crystal box

This fun assorted crystal box was very easy to create and Tess enjoyed this so much more than the chocolates that actually come in the boxes. This is the kind of chocolate box that you will definitely want to receive! 

To create DIY Valentine’s Day crystal box, you only need the following three items.

Valentine’s Day Heart Chocolate Box: 

Assorted Crystals: 

Valentines day crystal box gift 0005

Some of My Favorite Crystals that I Included Are: 

valentine crystal box
  • Rose Quartz – stone of universal love
  • Amethyst – promotes intuition and balance
  • Blue Lace Agate – great as a calming stone
  • Hematite – for courage, inner strength, and grounding
  • Green Calcite – great for distance healing and increased prosperity

The color of each crystal is so beautiful and unique. It’s such a beautiful element that comes from mother nature and I am glad I get to share my love of crystals with my daughter Tess.

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