Following a week of being absent from “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg is providing fans with an update on her health.

“It is indeed me. On my return, “Tuesday, Goldberg, 65, welcomed fans of the daytime talk show. The presenter clarified that sciatica, which the Mayo Clinic defines as “pain that radiates down the route of the sciatic nerve,” which runs from the lower back through the hips and down the legs, was the reason for her absence from the program.

According to Goldberg, “it was like a horrible boyfriend who came back to play me.” “I was attempting to move my leg, which was difficult. Even though it was awful, I’m pleased to be here.”

Co-host Joy Behar once commented that Goldberg seemed rested, which Goldberg explained was due to her time spent “lying in a hospital room.” She also demonstrated a walker for the audience, saying that at first it “sort of freaked (her) out” to be using one.

“I didn’t realize I required it, and guess what? This is my new best friend after taking that first stride with the walker, “explained Goldberg. “I’m just moving effortlessly. That is what actually happened to me. It reportedly appears out of nowhere.”

Behar admitted to Goldberg that she has experienced sciatica in the past and pointed out that stress could be a contributing factor. Goldberg said, “I’ve become this little old Black lady.” It’s incredibly odd.

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After being hospitalized with pneumonia and sepsis in 2019, Goldberg missed several weeks of “The View” and claimed that she was “very, very close to leaving the Earth.”

She announced in a video update in March 2019: “Good news: I didn’t.” “Though not as quickly as I’d like to, I am standing and moving around. But I’m well; I’m not gone.”

A few months later, the host asked her doctors to appear on the program to discuss her terrifying experiences and encourage viewers to treat their health seriously.

She first developed a cough in November, according to Goldberg, but the disease persisted for several months before she was transported to the emergency department in February, unable to move and hardly breathing.

whoopi goldberg illness

Dr. Jorge Rodriguez recalled the star’s symptoms prior to her admission to the hospital, saying, “Her teeth were chattering, and she was gasping for air.” I had trouble understanding Whoopi.

Rodriguez went on to say “I made an effort not to sound afraid. I was worried that she wouldn’t wake up because you never know if someone is telling you that they’re just weary or if they’re going to pass out and this is it.”

After battling pneumonia and sepsis, Whoopi Goldberg is “OK” but says, “I came very, very close to death.”

When Goldberg was admitted, pulmonologist Martin Greenberg declared that “all hands were on deck” since she had a 30% risk of dying from her symptoms, which included high fever, shortness of breath, a rapid heartbeat, and low oxygen levels.

At the time, Goldberg said she wanted to share her experience in the hope that it would inspire others to take excellent care of their health, adding, “It’s OK to go to the doctor when you don’t feel good.”

whoopi goldberg illness

People don’t take (pneumonia) seriously, Goldberg said, admitting that she herself didn’t at first. “I simply (tried to) battle through it, which is impossible. You’ll die from it.”

“Inactivity, not doing anything, and not checking,” she said, “will kill you.”


Whoopi Goldberg is an American actor, comedian, author, and television personality. A While Back, Whoopi Goldberg Suffered from The Disease Sciatica. She had sciatica and is now feeling better. After missing a week of The View, Goldberg made her appearance on the program on Tuesday and disclosed the reason for her absence: a health problem.

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